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Yesterday’s Surprise

I say “surprise,” because we had talked about replacing the mustang for something more practical. Since car shopping is a least favorite activity, I was surprised Lou set out on his own.

He found a Jeep Wrangler he liked, and made a deal.

Once I got to the dealership, with the dogs, he said, “Let's look at Grand Cherokees. We had been talking about trading the Toyota Highlander in for something bigger. I didn't think he liked the Grand Cherokees. We found one, made a deal in about 5 minutes, and then the waiting began. It just took a long time to do the DMV paperwork for two trade-in deals, and they had to prepare the new cars for us – they aren't going to let you out without the new car.

So, that was the surprising day. Carl, our nice salesman, had a good day…

As you can see, we were not adventurous in our choices – the Wrangler is much like the one we had in Arizona, and the Cherokee is white – just like the Toyota.

And, for once, my procrastination paid off. The Highlander was running on fumes when I pulled into the dealership, and I told Lou I needed gas for the ride home. Saved $60.


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  1. I bet you did make Carl’s day! Hah ha! Did you trade the storage rocket in with the car?

    Send my prize UPS so I don’t have to go to the PO! Hah ha!

  2. Congrats — now you both are able to enjoy the newest of the new ‘gadgets’ on the
    new cars. I would be too confused by all of them, so I keep my 2004 Marquis,—-
    with the four new tires!

  3. From Novi: I was the one who wanted to live in New England and drive a wrangler. Now you live in New England and drives wrangler! Are you copying me? He he. What’s next; Yale?

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