Yellowstone Trip – Day 2, Part 1

We survived another day on the road.  We didn’t leave the hotel until about 8:30am, because we opted for the breakfast option – they gave us a voucher to have a hot breakfast in the restaurant.  So, after eggs and more, we set off.

In today’s post, I’m only going to show photos for part of the drive.  I’ll stop once we get to Wyoming, and finish that part up tomorrow.  A little too tired to do more, and we have lots of photos from the day.  The trip was not as scenic overall as yesterday, but there were some spectacular parts.  While rocks were the star yesterday, the trees get the glory today.

Lou decided to top off the tank. Here he is, squinting to see the display, due to the brightness of the Utah sun.


We drove North on Interstate 15 for about 100 miles. This was not exciting. Think driving from Riverside to Victorville.


We diverted to Hwy 189 before Salt Lake City, headed towards Provo, Utah. We passed the exit for Springville (which is where I was born and raised, except it was the one in California)


We passed through the city of Provo, which is a beautiful college town - BYU makes it's home there. We drove by the BYU football stadium, but I couldn't get a decent photo.


As we left Provo, we saw some mountains, and headed into Provo Canyon. At first, the scenery was nice, but nothing spectacular.



I happened to turn back slightly and catch the waterfall. This is Bridal Veil Falls, a 607 ft. double cataract waterfall. Wow - I bet Lou didn't even get to see it. He had to concentrate on the drive, as it was windy and also under construction.


We went through a short tunnel as we began to exit the canyon.


We drove another 20 miles or so on Hwy 189.


And another surprise - a large lake at Deer Creek. We saw lots of boating activity. I guess I should have researched our route, since all of this was a total surprise to me.


We drove past the exits for the prime ski areas in Utah, and drove right through the Deer Valley area. You can see the top of the chair lift in this photo and the next one.


Also lots of color on the hills.


We then ended up on Interstate 80 towards Cheyenne, Wyoming for about 50 miles. The views here were nothing to write home about.


We were getting excited to get to Wyoming soon.


There were lots of farms - we saw cows, horses, some sheep, and even a few goats.


We're getting close to Wyoming, and we did see some nice red cliffs (are they cliffs if you're looking up at them?  Perhaps they are bluffs...)


We finally made it - Wyoming! Didn't even notice til I posted the photo that the Best Western billboard is in the back. How appropriate, given our new found love of pet-friendly Best Westerns.


We still have about 200 miles to go in Wyoming. But, here is my favorite horse photo of the day, taken right after we crossed the border into Wyoming.


That’s all for now.  I will say we arrived safely, and are settled in at Grand Teton National Park, where we spend the next four nights.  Check back – there will be a few photos to share.

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