Wrangell, Elevation +/- 10 Feet

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After lunch, we motored towards Wrangell, our destination for the afternoon. A small city, it has become popular as a destination for smaller ships. It offers a chance to get a glimpse of life in small town Alaska, as well as opportunities to learn more about Tlingit history and culture.

Most of us followed our guides to Chief Shakes Tribal House, where we heard stories and musical presentations about life in the past. Lou chose to wander around town, and he saved the day. He took lots of photos, so we have something to share, since there were no photos allowed in the Tribal House..

The Chief Shakes Tribal House was restored and rededicated in 2013. It holds an important place in Tlingit History, and many of the totems were carved by master carvers and their apprentices.
This was taken at an earlier Restoration in 1940
Our group waits to go into the Tribal House

As I mentioned already, Lou skipped the Chief and wandered through town, taking photos of stuff he liked. He did the same during our 2013 visit, and always comes up with interesting photos. It’s a good thing, because I didn’t take any photos until we got back to the ship.

I’m sure there was a reason Lou took this photo, maybe he can share with us.

My favorite from Lou’s collection:

We set our course for Misty Fjords, and tried not to think about our time on the Wilderness Discoverer coming to an end in just a couple of days.

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