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Today was all work and no play. Lou took the boxes to the recycle center and did more picture hanging (and is cooking a roast). I had to put the TV stand together for the Guest Room over the garage. The TV was scheduled for delivery this afternoon. As were the mattresses for the two guest rooms, and the telephone/ internet guys were to come between a small window – between 8 AM and 5 PM! Still no date for the dining room table and chairs (first item ordered!), or our Rocking Chairs.


I started with this … Took the box apart downstairs and hauled the pieces up to the loft “suite.” Good thing I did, cause Stitch pee’d on the box (not really, but I am sure he thought about it)


There were parts of laminated particle board, 15 types of screws and fasteners, and it was all dusty. We didn’t want anything fancy, because we also thought about mounting the TV on the wall. Parts were not labelled, so it was mix and match according to the instructions in the picture book (Lou said he figured that’s how us Apple people liked it – intuitive). Oh, and one piece was broken – Lou glued it back together.


After I got a few pieces assembled, it looked like a boat:


Lou came up at the end … He had some helpful suggestions. To be fair, he had offered to put it together earlier when I took a break.


It doesn’t look bad, and fits in the corner. Lou was not sure the TV would fit. Stay tuned tomorrow to find out how the rest of the day went. Did the TV come? Did it work? Did it fit? And, what about the mattresses? And the phone guys? Find out tomorrow.


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