Whew – Part 1 of Alaska is Done

Not much local news to report – it is getting very cold.  It actually seems warm outside in the sun when it’s 46.  It’s so cold here Lou even turned on the heat, so you know it’s cold.

I have finally sorted things out and have the report on the first week of our Alaska Trip up and running.  You have already seen many of the photos, but if you have the time to go through it, I’d appreciate feedback if you find any problems.  I had to redo it about 6 times due to various technical difficulties, misplacing photos, etc.  I’m particularly interested in whether or not you experience long loading times, for the blog or for the photo galleries.

The link is Alaska 2013: Our Ultra Uncruise Adventure .

The link above takes you to the stand alone blog for the month long Alaska Adventure.

The most exciting thing to happen here involves Stitch (again!).  He has finally learned to raise his leg when he pees … not sure that is a good thing, but at least he looks less wimpy now.  His favorite targets are the boulders and granite slabs the guys are working on in the driveway – I’m sure they appreciate his help.

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  1. I’ve read all three pages that are posted so far and am just loving the photos again. No issues with speed, enlarging photos, moving from page to page. It all seems just fine to me!

  2. Your Alaska blog works great, Sharon. Your photos are spectacular!!! I especially love the Misty Fjord photos….. so colorful and beautiful! Can’t wait to see more!!!

  3. I have written before – but on the Alaskan Blog – to tell you how great your
    presentation and pictures are…….again, many thanks for all your work! Everything
    came through in A-1 shape!

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