What? No Lobster?

Catherine has been taking care of school business during the day by participating in zoom meetings. She had a break yesterday before lunch, so we went to Young’s Lobster Pound. The weather was dreary, but we had fun at the Pound.

A typical view of Belfast Harbor from the deck at Young’s, with some fall color showing:

Catherine’s lunch came and shockingly, she had chosen to have only oysters on the half shell. Maybe she isn’t feeling well?

Let’s try that again …

There was a method to our madness. Once the oysters were consumed, we walked around and then went to pick up dinner. You guessed it – three 1.5 pound hard shell lobsters, steamed and ready to eat.

Once home, Catherine wrapped up the lobsters and put them in the fridge, ready to be reheated for dinner. Catherine took care of most of the dinner prep, making a tasty salad, melted butter for the lobster, and corn on the cob. A regular lobster bake!

We missed Beth, but will happily do a replay of this day when she gets a chance to visit again ❤️

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