What is Happening in Maine?

Things are going well. Lou continues to improve each day, and we continue to improve our care techniques 😂. So far, I have only made a few mistakes (backwards underwear, two feet in the same leg, and backwards pants). Today was change the sheets day, so the Traveling Sister Care Team did a quick switch. Catherine fixed breakfast and Lou ate sitting on the edge of the bed. One thing we don’t have is a proper height chair for him to sit in upstairs. He is just starting to feel like sitting up more. He has been doing a great job keeping his leg elevated, and the TSCT has done an excellent job powering up his ice machine.

We do have some great news – the TSCT changed their exit date from this Saturday to next Tuesday. Hopefully travel will not be as crazy during the week, and they will be providing much needed care here for the old folks.

Here are some more samples from the culinary arts provided by the Care Team:

Lou and I gave the girls a break yesterday. Neither one of us was very hungry so we didn’t need a big meal. So the Care Team picked up a couple of lobsters at Hannaford (only $9.99/lb), and made themselves a lovely lobstah dinner. Catherine took these excellent photos:

The Traveling Sisters Care Team deserved a nice meal on the deck.

Stitch was with them every step of the way.

I told Catherine I didn’t even have to come and get photos because she did such an excellent job. (With her new iPhone; did we mention she dropped her other one in the spa?).

Lou’s Physical Therapist comes today. That is about as exciting as it gets, which is a good thing.

Stay Safe!

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  1. I’m glad the Care Team got a well-deserved lobster dinner and will be staying longer than planned. Hope Lou got a good report on his progress from the physical therapist.

    • Thanks Laurie. We are trying to make sure the Care Team gets some lobster while they are here. Lou is doing better each day!

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