We are OFF!!!

We left Northport yesterday to begin our trek to Alaska. We spent the night at the Portland Airport to increase the liklihood of making our 4:30am arrival at the Delta Counter. We made it! Now awaiting takeoff to Atlanta >Seattle>Sitka.

Mij is holding down the fort on the Penobscot. Here, she is holding back the pups as we load our luggage. I’m sure they will all have a grand time.


Lou was in charge of planning this trip to Alaska.  Joining us are Kathy & Steve, and family from California – Beth, Catherine, Mark, Olivia, and Tory.  Two weeks on a small boat!  Limited Wi-Fi and no cell phone service!  Will this be the vacation of a lifetime, or a recipe for disaster?

Click HERE to see if everyone arrives in Sitka on time.

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