WDW Trip Report – Day One

09 Dec 2019, Monday

We left the Embassy Suites before 6:30am for our flight from Portland, Maine to Orlando, Florida. We had a surprisingly good breakfast at Linda Bean’s in the airport, before boarding and enjoying two smooth flights – on time with no issues.

We arrived safely in Orlando at 2:30pm, and were picked up by the car service to be delivered to The Boardwalk. Easy check in – my only request was a room close to the elevators. Score – Room 3009! Oops, I didn’t realize they started numbering the rooms from the END of the corridor. Turns out, all of the one bedroom DVC units are a long way from the elevator. So we trekked, and trekked, and finally made it! It wasn’t too bad, just tough when coming back after being out for a few hours.

We had a decent view of the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. Couldn’t see much of the actual Boardwalk because the building next to us blocked the views.

We relaxed and got ready for our dinner reservation at the Yachtsman’s Steakhouse – this is a favorite of ours, and it is located in the Yacht Club Resort. The good news about our room location – we could just pop out of our room and take a couple flights of stairs down to get outside, which put us within easy walking distance of the Yacht Club.

We had a nice sunset starting when we first stepped out:

We arrived early so we could enjoy a drink and relax in the Crew Cup Lounge – another favorite. We took photos of the Christmas Tree the next morning when we came back to the Yacht Club for breakfast.

We always stop and admire the butcher selections on our way into dinner. No vegetarians in our house!

We had a nice dinner, and our server – Carrie – was very good, which is typical of the service we have experienced in the Yachtsman’s Steakhouse. After dinner, we caught a boat back to the Boardwalk. The first boat that came was going to Hollywood Studios, so we took that and enjoyed a nice cruise before landing at the Boardwalk and making the long hike to our room!

I skipped going over to Epcot for the new Epcot Forever Fireworks show, since I was tired. I was able to capture a few pics off our balcony, but was mostly experimenting with a new camera.

That’s it for arrival day!

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  1. I love the Crescent Lake area. I’ve had rooms at the end of the looooong hallway at Boardwalk. Amazing how you just keep walking and walking. I always figure since I’m using a scooter I should always request one of those rooms to save others the walk, but the long drives on carpet use up a lot of battery power! I’m glad Yachtsman’s continues its long tradition of quality and service.

    • I remember, you usually stay at the Boardwalk. That corridor is long!!! But we survived, and the ability to sneak out the stairs was a nice silver lining.

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