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Another oops – I said a week ago that the last of the Cruise Photos were up.  Well, I did the post, but forgot to take it out of Draft mode, which meant I was the only one who could see it.  Here is the link to the last of the Cruise photos.  Just click on “older post” at the bottom to see the other days.

Disney Dream Cruise 2014

We are waiting for Emily & Ben to arrive on Saturday.  Natasha said she is really looking forward to their arrival, so she’ll have someone to play with.  Stitch says, “Yup, Yup, Yup.” He’s not nearly as vocal as Natasha.  And, perhaps not as smart, although he still hasn’t forgiven me for the “Stitch looks fat” comment.

We haven’t yet figured out a good solution to the toy storage issue – we put them in the big Turtle Grandma gave them, and they pull every toy out.  I piled everything on the sofa, because Martha was coming – she’s very patient, but the dogs certainly make extra work.



Within an hour, every single toy was removed from the sofa, and placed back on the floor – where it belongs, I guess.  Stitch then proceeded to carry the orange turtle (also a gift from Grandma) around all evening – upstairs, in the bedroom, back downstairs, and more.  He does get his use out of these toys.

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