Update & Road Trip

We kidnapped Catherine today and drove to the cabin. She has to give up the hot tub, but gets new walking trails. A couple snaps before we left Northport – there hasn’t been a lot of progress on Project Shed, but someone was there working when we left at 10am. We still have some trees with color, although the wind has knocked down many leaves.

I sat in the backseat with the pups, so didn’t take too many photos. As you would expect, we are way past peak, and it looked much different when compared to our last trip. Still some pockets of color and a few interesting things to see.

So glad we were able to visit a couple of weeks ago when fall foliage was at its best (for this year). The pups slept most of the way, not impressed by the view. Stitch started getting antsy after an hour and a half or so. He was trying his best to look cute, and convince me he needs a treat:

We arrived at the cabin in time for lunch and have been chilling. Catherine did get out for a walk. I had something urgent to do, so couldn’t join her (starting a new game 😎). Lou is cooking steaks for dinner, so we can snuggle in and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace.

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