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Unpacking … Still

We are slowly making progress with the unpacking – hopefully will have all the boxes sorted out tomorrow.  Ben & Emily stopped by yesterday and helped us make a good dent in the boxes.  We continue to find things in places you can’t imagine.  For example, all of the glass inserts for the tables were placed in a box with stereo speakers, the blu-ray player and more heavy stuff.  Boggles the mind.

Lou found a footprint on top of his desk that he can’t get out.  My desk was put together incorrectly, so once the drawer was opened, it won’t close …

On a more positive note, we do like most of the new furniture.  Just some issues with a few of the pieces, but we’ll get that resolved.

We did have some excitement early this evening – saw our first big ship passing by.  It looked like one of the vessels they use for hauling Natural Gas:



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    • Hmmnn – anything is possible! We’ll more likely be worried about random pirates trying to steal the lobster traps Lou plans to put out.

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