Three Years ago Today …

We were setting off on our Galapagos Adventure, with Olivia, Catherine, Amy and Claudia…It was a wonderful trip.

Sadly, we received news earlier this month that Claudia’s husband, John Sacret Young, passed away. John was well regarded in the television and movie industries, and was the creator of the acclaimed China Beach TV series. We send our condolences to Claudia, and all of John’s family and friends.

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  1. Hi Sharon, evidently I was kicked off of your blog when you re-did your blog so I was wondering why I wasn’t receiving anything. I pulled it up myself and have been catching up with all of the posts I have missed. This one brought back great memories. Nice to be back on. I reregistered so I am good now. I will sent this to Claudia. Take care…nice to be back. AMY

  2. Thanks, Sharon, so much for the shout out to John. I really appreciate it. I also appreciate seeing these photos, they bring back such great memories.

    I hope you guys are doing well and hope someday we can all be together again.

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