The Princess & The Porcupine

We had some excitement last night.  After a nice dinner at the Whale’s Tooth Pub in Lincolnville (about 15 minutes away), we arrived home safely.  On her evening walk, Natasha was curious, and got too close to a porcupine on the edge of the woods.  Fortunately she was on leash, so she didn’t get it too badly.  She didn’t cry or yelp – we just noticed the quills sticking out of the side of her face when she was back in the house.

What to do?  It is at least an hour to an emergency vet, so we attempted to take the quills out ourselves.  Fortunately, she sat still, and we got them all out – 10 of them.  We will just have to watch closely to make sure there were no hidden ones.

She is fine today, eating and playing fetch.  She is NOT eager to go outside at all. I didn’t take a photo of her with the quills in her face (amazing, I know), but here are the quills we took out:

We can do without this type of excitement.

On a happier note – Happy Halloween!  Beth sent a photo of Jack in his Best-in-Show Halloween Costume:

Viking Jack
Viking Jack

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  1. OMG how funny! (Now, that is! I’m sure when it happened, you were not laughing at all…neither was Natasha!)

    What a cute bulldog! 🙂

  2. Poor Natasha — probably too shocked even to wimper! Glad Dr. Kildare and his
    assistant were able to make the extractions (that will be $400.00–including the
    night call!!!

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