The Lost Cruise – Adventures #2 & #3

Cozumel was fun, but we were all really looking forward to our second port stop – Grand Cayman. We had a surprise for the family – our friend Nan had booked a private boat for us, and would be joining us for the day! Nan’s middle name is hospitality, with a big dose of fun! We took a taxi from the ship to the dock where we were meeting Nan, and we were soon headed out for adventure:

Our first destination was the famous Stingray City, where you get right in the water with the stingrays. Our group enjoyed this – Catherine wouldn’t give up until the stingray calmed in her arms. Tory and Olivia were stingray whisperers. Lou captured some nice shots of the girls with the rays.

Next up was snorkeling along the reef. It was a little windy, but the girls enjoyed a chance to snorkel with no crowds. We had good weather for the day, and enjoyed the sun. After snorkeling, we headed to a special beach where the starfish are abundant. Nan brought a bunch of stuff for lunch and we made sandwiches and visited. Note – Lou and I were both on the boat as well, we just carefully managed not to be caught on camera.

We had a wonderful day and it was great to see Nan. Unfortunately, Dave had a bad cold and couldn’t join us. Little did we know, this was a precursor to the future … Nan has retired from “The Law” and now owns and operates Cayman Luxury Excursions:

“The species of starfish around Starfish Point are called Oreaster reticulatus or more commonly known as red cushion sea stars. These starfish are usually found in grassy, shallow waters in the Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea.” … google is my friend

Our destination the next day was Jamaica. The Holmes Family set off early for a horseback riding and hiking adventure at Dunn’s Falls. Beth and I walked around the shopping area at the port – adjacent to where the ship was docked, but spent most of our time enjoying the comforts of the ship.

Note – that is the virtual Holmes Family on horseback. I have no photos of their outing, but they said they had a good time riding the horses in the water at the beach.

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  1. Sharon,
    I seem to recall that Martha and I went with you guys to Cayman and sting ray City and out on Nan and Dave’s boat. Am I remembering that wrong? I know we were there but I thought it was with you. AMY

    • I think that is right … although I can’t recall the year. My photos before 2010 are all pretty sketchy, but I will be sorting them in the coming months. It wasn’t Nan’s boat, but one they chartered with some folks they knew, as I recall. I also have no recollection of where we stayed. Did we stay in a Condo next to the one Nan and Dave lived in?

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