The Easter Challenge

I decided I was going to make Easter cupcakes. Don’t ask me why, just another crazy idea. I put the challenge out to Catherine and Beth, and then to Kathy to share their Easter craftiness. I didn’t want to put undo pressure on anyone else, but do feel free to share your creations. I will broadcast an open invitation to the next holiday challenge (Lou was upset he didn’t get an invite). 

Let’s start with Catherine; Cath has been busy with work and was also attending Tory’s volleyball tournament all weekend, so really didn’t expect her to have time to enter our non-contest. But, she pulled through an adorable entry just before the closing bell – meet Monty, who is either an Easter Flower or a very handsome collie wearing his Easter bonnet.  Very cute!


Now we will jump back to Maine and see what Kathy was up to. She jumped at the chance to join the challenge, knowing just what she wanted to create. Meet Daryl, the Deranged Easter Bunny … Daryl is too cute to be called deranged 😉  Way to go Kathy – Daryl is truly an original and Steve said he tastes good, too 💕💕💕


Back to our California contingent, we have an entry from our ringer – I think we all know Beth takes her crafting seriously, and has a lot of talent. She made these beautiful yarn-wrapped Easter eggs in their own little tulip basket. Wow!!!  I’d still be trying to untie the knots in the yarn).  Very nice, Beth!  And extra credit for sharing your beautiful tulip bouquet.

This brings us to my entry.  I got this crazy idea to make Easter cupcakes, so I surfed the web and found “bunny butt” cupcakes.  “Oh, those are cute, and don’t look that difficult to make – easy peasy.” Here is the final product:


Kinda cute, as imperfect as they might be.  Except, I decided at the last minute to make bunny butt cookies instead of cupcakes. I thought they would be easier … O.M.G. Did I make a mistake? You will have to check back tomorrow for the whole saga. I don’t want to detract too much from the winning entries shared above.  Let’s just say, it was a lot like that time I decided I could make homemade tortillas … here is a preview of the cookies:



I would like to thank everyone for rising to the challenge.  I’d like to think we are all winners – I do know we had some good laughs when sharing our creations. Kathy said she laughed all the time she was decorating Daryl.  I almost gave up eleventy times, and Beth said she had more hours in than planned. I think Catherine and Monty may have had the right idea!!!


Be Safe !!!

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  1. I think we all did EGGcellent Easter crafts! Can’t wait to see if others perhaps crafted as well??? Happy Easter everyone! 🐰🐣

  2. Oh hands down Beth is the innovative Master…Kathy’s entry quite admirable but Beth needs to go into the craft business. AMY

    • I am kind of partial to Daryl, but agree Beth takes it to another level. I also give Catherine major points for quick thinking to help us get in the Easter spirit.

  3. I agree Beth was the big winner! The eggs were really cute and I also really liked the basket! The process was very entertaining. Note to self – smooth out icing before attempting to decorate on top of it….

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