The Bus Ride Out – Goodbye Denali

4 September 2015, Friday

Early morning departure time had us on the bus before 7am. The weather had decided to get dreary, with rain and fog, off and on. And even a little snow. How lucky were we to have had such wonderful weather the past few days? Especially since this is the end of the season, and the park will be closing soon.

There wasn’t a lot to see on the ride down, that we hadn’t already seen during the preceding days. We did get some nice wildlife sightings, and some more fall color at the end of the trip.

We came upon this bear walking across the road. Then, he eased on up to the snow measuring pole and started to scratch his back. You may have to look closely to see the pole.

He or she then proceeded to just take a leisurely walk along the road, holding up our bus and one behind us.

Once Mr. Bear let us by, we continued down the mountain in the fog and drizzle, not seeing a lot – but there was still some fall color and the rocks were pretty. We did see one mountain goat.

We transferred to The Magic Bus for a five hour trip back to Anchorage. Everyone was quiet, taking the opportunity to nap and think about all we had seen.

It’s almost a wrap to our second Awesome Alaska Adventure. I have no memory of our flights home, which is probably a good thing. We obviously made it, and went on to enjoy life in Maine these past four years. (Now 6 years, since this update is happening in 2021.)

Allow me to get sentimental for just a moment – Lou planned and arranged this two week trip to Alaska as I was completing those fun-filled Chemo Treatments in the summer of 2014. It was great to have something to look forward to, and the trip lived up to the anticipation and expectations. We might have had a few small complaints, but how can we be anything but thankful? To wake up healthy, to get to experience the wonders of Alaska – the beautiful bears, the hospitality at the Alaska Homestead Lodge, the immense beauty of Denali National Park, and the majesty of the mountain. Thank you, Lou.

This concludes our report on the 2015 Photo Tour of Denali in the Fall. If you’d like to see more of Denali, Lou did this same tour in the fall of 2008. You can find it in the More Travel Stories links, or click HERE to go to the beginning of the “No Snow in the Fall” Denali report.

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  1. Talk about luck with the weather! Clear skies while you’re there and rain on the day you leave. The colors and wildlife encounters on your way back are beautiful.
    I had forgotten that this trip was planned as your chemo ended. What a great way to celebrate and to look to the future.

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