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Kathy & Steve do Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Fortunately, we had invited Kathy & Steve a few weeks ago, and they accepted the challenge to celebrate Thanksgiving with us at the cabin. They were good sports and still came when the venue switched to Northport. They also took over all the cooking duties and prepared a feast.

Here are some photos from the evening. I will get a photo of Lou and I, and the four of us together, tomorrow.

The turkey was not the star of the show this year. Kathy did an excellent job cooking it, but it was caught in that awkward teenager stage. I picked a smaller 13 pound turkey; junior had a bony butt and wasn’t very plump. While he wasn’t a beauty, he tasted fine; he just was not very photogenic.

Kathy was the Chief Chef today, and Steve was her Sous Chef. I played an important role – I was responsible for the cranberry sauce (opened can), the vegetables (microwave), and the wine (asked Steve to open it). Lou supervised the prep for his famous turkey soup.

We ate in the sunroom so Lou didn’t have to move from his comfortable chair. Pie is still to come.

Thanks again, Kathy & Steve.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving

Hello All! This is the first of what will probably be a few Turkey Day Posts. We started the morning with a brief snow storm, but it is mostly gone now.

Our Thanksgiving table is bountiful, even before the bird flies in. The roses were an Anniversary surprise from Lou, the Pumpkin candle was from Kathy and Steve, and Chrisie and Yan sent the cute harvest figurines.

Stay tuned for more action as the day progresses.

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours. Kathy and Steve joined us and Kathy provided assistance to the chef, making her own specialties. Everything was delicious. Dinner was on the table by 6pm !!!

The Turkey was a work of art:



Happy Turkey Day

We had a nice Thanksgiving Day.  Lou cooked a giant turkey and we had plenty of food, as you might imagine.

Emily and Ben came over in the afternoon and helped wear out the dogs, and made some pies.  John & Erica joined us a little later, and were not totally overwhelmed by the pups. The guys watched some football, and we sat down to dinner at 5:30 (!!!! – included this tidbit for those in the family who have never seen us eat before 8:00pm …).

The turkey (looks just like Martha Stewart’s):



The mincemeat pie – complete with a sailboat:



Emily supervises Stitch & Tasha:



Lou, Erica & John checking on dinner – Ben scoping out the pies:



Lou switched things up, and made a nice fruit salad instead of a green one:



We’re getting serious – the carving has begun.  There was some discussion about whether or not Lou should be trusted with the knife …



A toast – Ben samples his first taste of wine in several months – turns out, thinking about it was better than drinking it 🙂



And, we all enjoyed dinner, eating too much as usual.  The lovely soup you see was made by John & Erica – butternut squash and roasted garlic. It was delicious.



I did intend to get a group photo, but got sidetracked by dinner.  Just imagine Lou and I at the table as well.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed sharing our turkey with friends, and realize how much we all have to be thankful for.