Tag: Phlox

Flocks “R” Us

The hillside flocks are coming along nicely. According to Lou, these are Phlox plants, a low crawling flowering groundcover. Learn something new every day.

Here are some photos from this morning’s outing with the dogs. I really like the white ones. I don’t recall them being so bright. (Click for larger photo)

We continue to see daffodils and a few tulips.

Oh, almost forgot to add general life updates. We have a tentative date of mid-June for Lou’s knee surgery, but he is still finishing up the pre-certification appointments, so we will see if everything is ready in time. Fortunately, his knee pain is not quite as severe as it was, so on good days he is up and about. I played my first two rounds of golf this week, and am surprised how sore I am. Every activity uses different muscles.

Stay Safe!!!