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I Wanna be just like Lou

So today, I took a flying sprawl on the fresh snow covering the driveway. I was going out to help Lou bring in the groceries, and just happened to step in a spot of snow with solid ice underneath. What is that about no good deed going unpunished? My feet went straight out from under me, I landed on my back, then bounced my head and elbow off the ice. Fortunately, my heavy coat took the brunt of the fall on my back. I am a little sore tonight, but not too bad.

In other news, I have a sneak peek at one of Lou’s secondary projects. He is having a door put in, replacing a window in the loft that overlooks the small deck in the front. Andy and his apprentice are working diligently to get it done before the girls get here on Friday.

You just never know what Lou will come up with next.

There are some new posts in the Diabetes Denied blog. I did the Test Kitchen assignment on Lasagna for Chrisie, and there are a couple of postings about my new Peloton Bike (thank you, Santa).

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Beth and Catherine. They are set to arrive on Friday evening. Yay!

Stay Safe !!!