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A Great Meal

Catching up on the blog posts. I will pick up on Wednesday. This was the last full day of the Faul’s visit, and our plan was to go to the Coplin Dinner House. We had an early reservation – 5pm. This is early for us, but it is a 10 mile journey to the restaurant, and we like to get there before dark.

Fortunately, our meal was just as good as it was when we were there last week. In fact, because we so enjoyed last week’s dinner, Lou and I ordered the exact same items: tuna, lobster bisque, and rack of lamb for Lou, and salad and Atlantic Halibut for me. Kathy also chose the fish. Steve started with calamari and picked scallops carbonara for his main. No one was disappointed, and we were all very happy with our meals. Lou and Kathy had saved room for a little dessert – a fried donut with ice cream, and a lemon/goat cheese cheesecake.

Steve is explaining something, and Kathy is listening carefully 😉

After thoroughly enjoying our meal, we made it home safely. We did see one SUV in the ditch. It must have just happened since they were all standing out waving flashlights to warn others of ice on the road ahead.

Kathy was determined to finish the puzzle she had started in the afternoon. She did it! It would take me a month to do this puzzle.

Kathy and Steve got an early start on Thursday. They had shopping to do along the way (of course!), and wanted to beat the storm that was scheduled to arrive on Thursday night. More on that storm in the upcoming post.

Kathy & Steve do Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Fortunately, we had invited Kathy & Steve a few weeks ago, and they accepted the challenge to celebrate Thanksgiving with us at the cabin. They were good sports and still came when the venue switched to Northport. They also took over all the cooking duties and prepared a feast.

Here are some photos from the evening. I will get a photo of Lou and I, and the four of us together, tomorrow.

The turkey was not the star of the show this year. Kathy did an excellent job cooking it, but it was caught in that awkward teenager stage. I picked a smaller 13 pound turkey; junior had a bony butt and wasn’t very plump. While he wasn’t a beauty, he tasted fine; he just was not very photogenic.

Kathy was the Chief Chef today, and Steve was her Sous Chef. I played an important role – I was responsible for the cranberry sauce (opened can), the vegetables (microwave), and the wine (asked Steve to open it). Lou supervised the prep for his famous turkey soup.

We ate in the sunroom so Lou didn’t have to move from his comfortable chair. Pie is still to come.

Thanks again, Kathy & Steve.

Tik Tok Pasta

Our friends are so hip. Kathy & Steve arrived today to save us from ourselves. Kathy brought dinner, and it was delicious. Tik Tok Pasta has spinach, cherry tomatoes (grown in Kathy’s garden), feta cheese and more . Funny – Lou saw our doctor today, and she suggested Lou start eating spinach to help get his iron level up.

Following the Tik Tok Pasta was another hit – a homemade apple tart – yum.

Thank you, Kathy, for sharing such a nice feast with us. Thank you, Steve, for helping with the clean-up. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Road Trip !!! 🚙

Off on our first almost-post-pandemic outing in over a year. We have been to the cabin, but that doesn’t really count since it is our getaway home. We are visiting Kathy & Steve in Machiasport for a couple of days. 

The drive up was beautiful. So much new greenery coming out. 



When we turned on Kennebec Road as we neared Kathy & Steve’s, we saw a bunch of little lambs. So many, we figured the sheep were very busy during lockdown.



We arrived just in time for lunch, then had a relaxing afternoon (which did include a walk around the loop for some of us).  Now Kathy is preparing dinner and it smells delicious. We will have more to report tomorrow. 


Click for larger photo.


Be Safe!!!

The Lost Vacation

The Fantasy docked at Cozumel

While sorting old photos, I kept thinking we had taken a 3rd Disney Cruise with the kids. But I had no photos in my smugmug album, and only one blog post about being “On Our Way.” So did we actually go, or is this simply a Fantasy

Turns out, we did depart on April 1, 2017 for a 7 Day cruise on the Fantasy. This cruise was triple special, because it was for Olivia’s birthday AND it was a Star Wars Cruise. AND it was on the Fantasy, a new ship for us.

I remember having a problem getting the Photopass photos from Disney – never did get them. And by then we’d moved on to other trips and I let this one slide. So here we go … highlights of the Lost Cruise coming up.

It all started with the dogs. Kathy & Steve kindly came to our house to watch Natasha & Stitch. Pretty nice of them to give up a week to stay with the hounds. The California kids all arrived, and we took the traditional van ride to Port Canaveral.

We safely navigated our way onboard. While it was a different ship, it was much like the Dream.

All dressed up for dinner:

The next day we arrived in Cozumel. We were signed up for an island tour in little ATV cars. The plans included snorkeling and lunch at the beach. The kids had fun. Catherine and Beth especially enjoyed being serenaded by the Mariachi Band.


Catherine and Beth, and Lou and I, enjoyed a fancy pants dinner at Remy- one of the two signature restaurants onboard the Fantasy. Dinner was nice, with lots of small tastings and a most interesting lemon dessert. Mark and the girls enjoyed pizza, burgers, and soft serve ice cream cones (I’m just guessing on the soft serve, but I have a 98% chance of being correct, as Mark’s love of soft serve is only surpassed by my own).

Click HERE for the next post about our Fantasy Cruise.