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Progress Continues

Nothing new to report. Lou has now progressed to the point where he is no longer being referred to as the patient. He is just a guy walking carefully with a walker, getting ready to move to a cane. He is even going to be assisting with dinner tonight! Well, he will assist when I tell him that is the plan.

No Lou photos today, but I do have some flowers. These include a few from Donna’s garden next door. Check back tomorrow, because we have an interesting guest blog scheduled.

Stay Safe!

Mr. Independent

The improvement this week has been amazing. Even Lou’s in-home therapists are impressed. He spent all day yesterday downstairs, moving freely between the blue room and the green room. This morning, he actually got out of bed all by himself, I didn’t even have to hold the walker to stabilize it. He then proceeded to do all his morning chores, including taking a shower and dressing himself!!!

We came downstairs before 7am – my only jobs were carrying his computer and getting his coffee. Here is a photo from last night when we went upstairs at 8pm. The guard patrol made sure he got up to the top, then turned to confirm I was following right behind:

Moving beyond patient news, here is a patriotic view of the front, showing one of the flower arrangements chosen by the Sisters:

The roses have been blooming like crazy. They are not so much the perfect specimens, but they add color. The very first hydrangea bloom is also showing.

Thanks to all for the wishes for a speedy recovery – the good vibes seem to be helping!

Allergies, Anyone?

I was waiting to post until I had some ”real” flower pics. The plan was to take the real camera and a tripod out for a photo shoot. That hasn’t happened. No problems, I have just been wrapped up in my game. An update came out for my favorite game with Aloy, my archer girl, and I have been enjoying gaming time.

Lou has been getting organized for his knee surgery next week. He has to figure out which meds to stop when, plus he wants to make sure he has everything he needs while he is confined to the bedroom.

The pollen drop has been crazy this month, every day our cars are covered. I grabbed this pic early this morning on my way to the golf course. It looks like yellow algae, but it is just pollen. The conditions were perfect, the pollen collected on the rocks and shore at low tide, then washed up as the tide came in.

And, since I am here, I will share some recent iPhone snaps of our blooms. My favorite is the yellow rhododendron

We never get tired of how green it is this time of year, and the flowers provide that extra pop of color.

Stay Safe!

Morning View

We had quite a thunderstorm last night, but woke to clear skies. More blooms popping up as well.

On the news front, Lou is planning to move forward with the knee replacement surgery. He is scheduled for June 15th in Bangor. Stay tuned for the excitement of this upcoming adventure.

Some photos from this morning:

A sneak peak of the shed. Still waiting for them to finish the last details…that is Natasha, meandering towards her favorite spot behind the shed. She moves at a snail’s pace, sniffing everything she can.
A view up the driveway. It is hard to get a good photo showing the almost complete canopy effect from the trees.
Pacific Rhododendron – Rhododendron Macrophyllum
Japanese Snowball – Viburnum Plicatum
Rugosa Rose – Rosa Rugosa
Chinese Peony – Paeonia Lactiflora
Common Dandelion – Teraxacum Officinale
Bigleaf Lupine – Lupinus Polyphyllus

We are waiting for the roses.

Stay Safe !!!

Flocks “R” Us

The hillside flocks are coming along nicely. According to Lou, these are Phlox plants, a low crawling flowering groundcover. Learn something new every day.

Here are some photos from this morning’s outing with the dogs. I really like the white ones. I don’t recall them being so bright. (Click for larger photo)

We continue to see daffodils and a few tulips.

Oh, almost forgot to add general life updates. We have a tentative date of mid-June for Lou’s knee surgery, but he is still finishing up the pre-certification appointments, so we will see if everything is ready in time. Fortunately, his knee pain is not quite as severe as it was, so on good days he is up and about. I played my first two rounds of golf this week, and am surprised how sore I am. Every activity uses different muscles.

Stay Safe!!!

More Blooms

We still don’t have a lot of flowers, maybe the rain stifled growth. But the area under Lou’s train room window continues to bloom.

And we are starting to see some of the tiny flowers in the ground cover, plus the landscapers are getting ready to plant more. Even found a colorful weed.

This set of photos popped up in my memories, from exactly two years ago:

The dogs had obviously just had a bath and haircut – they aren’t looking quite so fresh today!