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WDW Trip Report – Day One

09 Dec 2019, Monday

We left the Embassy Suites before 6:30am for our flight from Portland, Maine to Orlando, Florida. We had a surprisingly good breakfast at Linda Bean’s in the airport, before boarding and enjoying two smooth flights – on time with no issues.

We arrived safely in Orlando at 2:30pm, and were picked up by the car service to be delivered to The Boardwalk. Easy check in – my only request was a room close to the elevators. Score – Room 3009! Oops, I didn’t realize they started numbering the rooms from the END of the corridor. Turns out, all of the one bedroom DVC units are a long way from the elevator. So we trekked, and trekked, and finally made it! It wasn’t too bad, just tough when coming back after being out for a few hours.

We had a decent view of the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. Couldn’t see much of the actual Boardwalk because the building next to us blocked the views.

We relaxed and got ready for our dinner reservation at the Yachtsman’s Steakhouse – this is a favorite of ours, and it is located in the Yacht Club Resort. The good news about our room location – we could just pop out of our room and take a couple flights of stairs down to get outside, which put us within easy walking distance of the Yacht Club.

We had a nice sunset starting when we first stepped out:

We arrived early so we could enjoy a drink and relax in the Crew Cup Lounge – another favorite. We took photos of the Christmas Tree the next morning when we came back to the Yacht Club for breakfast.

We always stop and admire the butcher selections on our way into dinner. No vegetarians in our house!

We had a nice dinner, and our server – Carrie – was very good, which is typical of the service we have experienced in the Yachtsman’s Steakhouse. After dinner, we caught a boat back to the Boardwalk. The first boat that came was going to Hollywood Studios, so we took that and enjoyed a nice cruise before landing at the Boardwalk and making the long hike to our room!

I skipped going over to Epcot for the new Epcot Forever Fireworks show, since I was tired. I was able to capture a few pics off our balcony, but was mostly experimenting with a new camera.

That’s it for arrival day!

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Fireworks on the Fourth!

Last night, we went into Camden to have Pizza on the boat, and to watch the fireworks.  For the first time we can remember, the fireworks actually took place on July 4th, and weren’t rained out.

Lou stayed on the boat with the dogs, while Kathy, Steve, and I went down to the boat yard.  Lou said Stitch did not like the fireworks!

Photos this year are better than last, but not as good as a couple of years ago.  So, guess that means I get to keep practicing.  Also, the fireworks show was a little odd – there were lots of great bursts, but when it came time for the finale, all we got were a few little duds.

You may remember this gem from the last time Kathy and I watched the fireworks from the Harbor:


This year’s effort:

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9 Days to Christmas

All out of original titles 😉  Hoping everyone is having fun preparing for the Holidays and getting into the Christmas Spirit.

Tasha and I are sitting in Palm Beach Gardens, as Lou is braving the frozen North to check things out in Maine with the potential new house.  Hope he makes it safely!

We arrived home yesterday from Orlando.  Natasha survived the boarding experience just fine, it seems.  She got a report card, and some of the comments were “Quiet, Loving, Playful, Cuddly …”   Hmmmnnn, wonder if they had the right dog (referring to the Quiet comment)?

We enjoyed our last day at Epcot, had lunch in Mexico, and dinner at the UK.  And saw some more fireworks.  We are now prepared for the family trip in January.


The Volcano going off in Mexico


Lou took this pic to remind Jerry of the Wines from France:


I enjoyed a Grand Marnier Slushie in France

Lou’s Pork Rack at the Rose & Crown

And, more fireworks …


Fireworks at Disney

Here are a few more pics from my trip to Orlando last week. There is nothing new and exciting to report from Palm Beach Gardens. Lou is back working on his trains. I'm trying to finish up the cough that came with the cold, and Natasha is trying to see how much cardboard and paper she can find to string all over the house. We still haven't been brave enough to put up the tree.







Windjammer Festival – The Rest of Day 3

The Sea Dog show was the highlight of the day, but we saw some other interesting things.

Another shot of the wussy Pirates – talking to each other, and checking out their hosiery. To be fair, the rain may have interfered with some of their planned activities.


Then we saw Pirates in the Harbor – surely they were getting ready to attack the Windjammers:


Nope – turns out they were wringing their hands in despair, as people on the Windjammer were throwing Apples at them. Wimpy Pirates, all of them.


We enjoyed the view from the aft deck, and watched the Appledore sail into the harbor. Rumor has it, she is getting new sails soon. Looks like she needs them!


There was also an option to purchase a $15 ticket to have dinner onboard one of the schooners. We had Chef Louie, so we skipped this option.


Then we watched the winner of the Remote Control boat contest (he was the only entrant) watch as his wife sailed his boat around. We wondered why he was following so closely.


We soon found out, as he lunged to protect the Sea Moon, as well as his boat:


Now it was time for the event I've been waiting for since July – the Fireworks! I had so much fun I couldn't wait to try again. I had some new things I wanted to try.


The test shot came out great. Kathy went down to the Marina with me, while the boys watched from the ship (and cooked dinner). The Fireworks started at 8pm, so it wasn't totally dark when we arrived.



The first shot didn't go quite as I had planned:


The second was interesting – still not what I was going for. This is the photo as it came from the camera, no fancy Photoshopping:


Hmmmnn, I guess I shouldn't have tried to do something different. None of the shots came out as well as the July pics. It was a combination of me using a different lens setup, as well as the dampness keeping the smoke in the air by the bursts a lot longer. Oh well, it was a learning experience.








My motto is … There's always next year!!!


The Festival continued on Monday, but we didn't see much. Kathy and Steve left around noon, and Lou and I started packing for the trip out west. We leave Wednesday morning ( which is tomorrow morning). We have most everything packed, and just need to load the car. Unfortunately, it's raining now, and will probably rain tomorrow as well.


We'll try to update as we go, although there is no exciting sightseeing planned until after we arrive in Arizona.

Castine – Part IIA

This post is actually the first half of the one below …

The pup needs a nap after our fun afternoon cruise


After our tour of the area around Castine, we pulled into the dock at Eaton’s Boat Yard, where Lou had made a reservation for us for the night.  It’s not the fanciest, but had all we needed and the people were very friendly.

This dog was very friendly, and came down to the boat to visit Natasha several times. It was so cute - not sure if it was a labradoodle or some other brand, but it was full of life.


A view of Eaton's Boat Yard - we are on the face dock right in front of this area.


A lobster boat that stopped by while we were there. We haven't yet taken advantage of the fresh lobster here, but hold on - it happens in a few days.


Our view off the aft deck


We walked over to Dennton's Wharf Oyster Bar for dinner later in the evening - it is right next to Eaton's.


We walked over to Dennton’s for dinner – Natasha was able to join us since we ate on the outside patio.  As we waited, and waited, for dinner to come (food was good, service was slow, even though our waiter really liked Ben), the pup was a little grumpy, but manageable.  All of a sudden – BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!!  Fireworks – going off literally 50 feet from where we were sitting.  And these were not just sparklers – more like 4th of July fireworks.

Natasha started howling, and I quickly picked her up and headed behind the restaurant under cover.  She calmed a bit, and the manager came over and apologized, offering a biscuit.  It wasn’t her fault – they didn’t know there would be fireworks on a Wednesday night.

Why the fireworks show?  Turns out it was part of a memorial the town was having for a well-loved local lady who had passed away.  What I saw of it looked like a great show.  I have no photos – I’d decided to let my companions eat their dinner in peace, and also knew I’d have my hands full with the pooch – even without fireworks!

As people wiped ash from the fireworks off their plates, our dinner was served.  I ate a small amount, then had it boxed, figuring I needed to get the dog back to the boat.  Lou followed shortly after, and the youngsters stayed out to see what kind of trouble they could get into.  Our dinner at Dennton’s will certainly be one we will remember.