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Castaway Cay – Cabana Day


Our family always seems to enjoy the day at Castaway Cay. Lou and I may only go ashore for a couple of hours but we like to walk around and also check out the Heads Up Bar for a frosty island drink.

One of our favorite cruise activities is spending the day in a cabana on the beach at Castaway Cay, and this trip was no exception.

Olivia and Tory no longer spend hours in the waterslide at Pelican Plunge, but they have mastered the art of beach relaxation.



The Cabana Life makes one seriously contemplate giving up the rat race and finding a quiet island somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Getting the Cabana on our first cruise was a real splurge, but it turned out to be one of our best experiences, and we’ve been fortunate to snag one on all of our cruises so far.

The Cabana provides welcome shade, and soft drinks in the fridge. And all you have to do is call for an adult beverage or two.


This was our final night onboard, and we all attended the Captain’s Gala. We were in the Royal Court Restaurant. We had a nice dinner, and also celebrated Olivia’s birthday.

This concludes the report on our Fantasy Cruise. Apologies to the family for taking two years to post these photos, and for not capturing as many photos as usual. Particularly disappointing to see how few photos I took of the ship. It is unfathomable to think we did not go to Palo Brunch, and at least one dinner at Palo. I was probably giving the family a break by not making them wait for me to take a photo before their every bite.

I found these photos from our first Day at Sea … presumably these were taken before Palo Brunch. Still no evidence of Dinner at Palo, but I’m sure we went once, because it is Lou’s favorite.

There is only one answer to the missing experiences during our Lost Vacation – Book another family cruise on the Fantasy!

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A Galaxy Far Far Away

We woke up to an exciting day at sea. We were in the midst of the Star Wars Galaxy – characters everywhere you looked.

The Holmes Family got into the spirit and everyone dressed to go have their photos taken with their favorite villains and props.

Olivia made her own costume, and was definitely realistic. Tory was styling in her X-Wing Fighter outfit.

I followed along to snap some photos – good thing because, for the first time ever, we had an issue with retrieving our Ship Photopass shots.

Princess Leia entertained breakfast guests in the Concierge Lounge

This was certainly an awesome beginning to the day. The kids swam and broke more Aqua Duck records, Mark had more soft serve (just guessing), and Lou relaxed. Beth, Catherine and I splurged for brunch at Remy. This is only offered on 7 Day cruises, so this was our first experience.

I recall brunch being a lot of fun, even though the food was on the weird side. Everything served came with foam or bubbles, and half had something that looked like a potato crisp. Either I missed a few food shots, or the pickings were on the slim side. But no matter, we laughed a lot and enjoyed excellent service.

Walking back through the lobby after brunch, Catherine and Beth posed for one of my favorite photos of the trip (I am in the minority here, as Beth said this photo is “awkward.” And, I cant repeat what Catherine said in a family safe blog):

We enjoyed the rest of the day, and finished with more Star Wars at dinner:

It was soon time to rest up for our last full day – at Castaway Cay!

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The Lost Vacation

The Fantasy docked at Cozumel

While sorting old photos, I kept thinking we had taken a 3rd Disney Cruise with the kids. But I had no photos in my smugmug album, and only one blog post about being “On Our Way.” So did we actually go, or is this simply a Fantasy

Turns out, we did depart on April 1, 2017 for a 7 Day cruise on the Fantasy. This cruise was triple special, because it was for Olivia’s birthday AND it was a Star Wars Cruise. AND it was on the Fantasy, a new ship for us.

I remember having a problem getting the Photopass photos from Disney – never did get them. And by then we’d moved on to other trips and I let this one slide. So here we go … highlights of the Lost Cruise coming up.

It all started with the dogs. Kathy & Steve kindly came to our house to watch Natasha & Stitch. Pretty nice of them to give up a week to stay with the hounds. The California kids all arrived, and we took the traditional van ride to Port Canaveral.

We safely navigated our way onboard. While it was a different ship, it was much like the Dream.

All dressed up for dinner:

The next day we arrived in Cozumel. We were signed up for an island tour in little ATV cars. The plans included snorkeling and lunch at the beach. The kids had fun. Catherine and Beth especially enjoyed being serenaded by the Mariachi Band.


Catherine and Beth, and Lou and I, enjoyed a fancy pants dinner at Remy- one of the two signature restaurants onboard the Fantasy. Dinner was nice, with lots of small tastings and a most interesting lemon dessert. Mark and the girls enjoyed pizza, burgers, and soft serve ice cream cones (I’m just guessing on the soft serve, but I have a 98% chance of being correct, as Mark’s love of soft serve is only surpassed by my own).

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