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A Big Decision …

Do we take the tree down, or leave it up until Christmas? As you may recall, we ended up grounded at Northport for a few months, just after we had decorated the tree at the cabin. We kept it up for the last couple of visits, kind of as a joke. Now I am struggling – take it down, or leave it for this Christmas? It looks good, and there is plenty of room for it. No serious dust accumulation is happening. I am leaning towards leaving it up, but only for this Christmas. Then it will come down and we will start over the next year.

Any votes?

Be Safe!!!

Happy New Year 2019

Wishing family and friends a safe and prosperous New Year. As usual, Lou and the pups were asleep by 10pm and I made it to midnight. We are looking forward to a nice ham, sent by Grandma!

Realized I had not posted the Christmas tree or Christmas dinner. We had a nice, quiet Christmas. Thanks for the nice gifts and cards.

That isn’t Lou and I in the bottom photo. We looked just like that on Christmas morning. Except for the matching pajamas and the cute hair.

Guess Who Came to Christmas Dinner?

Christmas dinner was wonderful as always. Lou held back and did just a 12 pound turkey. We ate 0.8 lbs for dinner, so have a few leftovers leftover.

A photo journalist looks at our Christmas dinner:


Our special guests were Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. They took time off from the X-Files to join us (thanks to the Holmes family)


Happy New Year!

Flashing Newsbreak!!!  Grandma escaped!  We woke up this morning and she was gone.  Hehe – it was ok, she was up early to go to Mass, while the rest of us lazy folks slept in.

I was the only one who managed to stay up for the New Year.  Even had to wake Natasha & Stitch up to go to bed.

Just for Chrisie, we took a few photos of Grandma when she returned from church:

New Years-1


New Years-3


New Years-2


The rest of the day was relaxing.  The kids went to Target (again!), and had lunch out, while the old folks rested up.  Then we had some pool time before dinner.  The following photos are for documentation purposes – dinner was ready and being served at 7:04pm!  This is after appetizers were available at 6:30pm.  We are setting all kinds of records here.

New Years-4


New Years-5

Looking forward to Beth’s arrival on Friday.  We’re also thinking of Chrisie and Yan, and hope to have some news to report in the next week or two 🙂


Christmas Dinner

Oops – forgot to post this earlier.  Jeannette made it to the house about noon, and we had a  nice day and then Lou cooked a delicious roast for dinner.

Christmas Dinner-3


Christmas Dinner-4


Christmas Dinner-6


None of the humans were up to posing for photos, but the pups waited patiently for Lou to accidentally drop something (he didn’t):

Christmas Dinner-7


Our reindeer/moose center piece:

Christmas Dinner-5


A few more photos from the tree.  Oops, the angel on top is crooked – I told Lou not to worry about it.  Figured it was better to be safe than have a straight angel …

Christmas Dinner-8


Christmas Dinner-2


Christmas Dinner-1


The tree skirt is missing – didn’t want to tempt Stitch.  So far, he has not paid much attention to the ornaments or the tree.

Hope everyone is having a nice Holiday – The first batch of California Kids arrives tomorrow, then Beth gets here next week.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.