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Backyard Bird Festival

For the last few days, we’ve had a ton of birds in the swamp. Finally felt up to taking some photos this morning. Here’s just a sampling:



















That was just one gator that was checking me out, as I sat on the edge of the bank … I decided to head back in the house as the gators go closer and larger.


Update – Lou is still safe on the jury duty front.  Don’t even think about it …

Lots of critters in the backyard with the crazy weather we’ve been having here.  A few photos from this past week:

This is one of the biggest gators we’ve seen out back.  It was raining, so I took this from inside the house.

Big Gator

Big Gator2



whitebird lo res-3






This is a Wood Stork – we don’t see them very often.  Kind of ugly.


No Pain, No Gain

First, an update on the new mattress – we aren’t sure it’s going to work out.  We will continue testing it for a couple of weeks before deciding if we need to trade it in.

This has been dental week here – we both had our check-ups/cleanings on Monday.  Then Lou was back today to have one of his old fillings replaced.  I’m going back tomorrow for an all day adventure to have 3 old fillings redone – which means crowns.  Gulp.  I’m not having any issues now, but I’d rather get it fixed before it becomes a problem.  A first for me – voluntarily going under the drill 😉

Not much else new.  Lou continues working on the trains.  Here are a few more bird pics. We haven’t been seeing as many of the big birds in the back yard these days, but there are lots of ducks.  I don’t recall seeing any baby ducks like we do in Camden Harbor.

Maine is Looking Better and Better …

Saw this story in today’s news:

A man was missing and feared dead early Friday after a large sinkhole opened under the bedroom of a house near Tampa.  His brother says the man screamed for help before he disappeared…

Hmmnnn, Pythons, Gators, Hurricanes, and Sinkholes.  You gotta love Florida!  (Note, no disrespect intended to the poor man, can’t imagine how terrible that would be).


On to more cheery news.  Stopped by the road to get a quick snapshot of the Honda Classic, which is going on now and congesting our streets, overloading our power transformers, and knocking out the internet …

Quite far away - don't recognize anyone.


Zooming in, I see Troy Matteson. He's tied for 120th position now - don't think the Georgia Tech boy will make the cut.


Then, since I had the camera with me, stopped by the entrance to the Island to say hi to Sandra and shoot some birds: