Such a Great Visit!!!

We were very sad to say goodbye to Catherine when Ross came to pick her up yesterday morning. But we also appreciated the visit and had a wonderful time. The only thing that would have been better is to have the other half of the Sister Duo as well. But we will look forward to seeing Beth on the next visit! Thank you, Catherine, for brightening our summer.

I was going to add these food photos to the previous food post, but they deserve their own space – especially Catherine’s mussels. We chose 45 North for our closing dinner. It was a repeat, but so far the restaurant has been consistent, and the staff is friendly. We hope to have more options later in the summer.

Catherine said the mussels were quite good. She followed with the Hake dish – a pleasant white fish, served on a bed of corn purée, bean salad and arugula. She said it was tasty, and I think I will try that next time. Lou and I opted for a burger – I took half home. All in all, we were once again happy with our meals.

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