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Stitch Update

We woke up to sunshine today …

Some of you may have heard about Stitch. He apparently tore the ACL in his right rear knee. We think he did it last week when he was getting out of the car after returning from the mountains. He has been to the vet, and surgery is scheduled for Oct 18th. Until then, our job is to try to keep him mostly quiet and still. This is not easy, because he feels he has to investigate everything. He is doing okay, getting around on three legs, with some assistance on stairs. We have some idea of what we will be dealing with for surgery rehab; Natasha’s sister, Hannah, has been through it and we got advice last time we thought Stitch might need the surgery (that was his left rear knee, which seems to have healed ok without repair).

Here he is this morning. He got tired of waiting for Natasha, so he just plopped down in the driveway. Unfortunately, he injured himself the day before his scheduled grooming, so I have to figure out how to get him clean. He is our little pig-pen dog in the best of times, so this will be a chore.

He is on pain medication, and doesn’t seem to be suffering. The only indication of discomfort is his desire not to put weight on the right rear leg. I have no idea how this position is comfortable for him:

This morning, as I was helping Stitch, and then trying to make sure he didn’t try to run down the hill, Natasha wandered off. I circled around the back of the shed, and as I came around the side, who did I see – little miss “you lookin’ for me?”

Before I rounded up both dogs, I looked up the driveway, and noticed the first official leaf droppings … fall can’t be far away:

Thanks for stopping by. Stay Safe!

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  1. Just a thought Sharon…as we know, if one takes a knee or ACL injury easy and does not over exert the knee and with some mild pain meds, then surgery many times is not necessary. He will be the best evaluator of what he needs. If it hurts, he won’t put weight on it until he can handle it. I may give you a call. I am. Perfect example of that. AMY

    • Thanks, Amy. That is one of the reasons surgery is scheduled for later in October … we can see if he recovers enough. He is doing pretty well, it it obviously still hurts. He is on a couple of joint meds as well as pain meds. Let us know if you have any tips!

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