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Having some fun with photos – here are some examples of photos I have taken in the last few months.  They have been creatively edited to add in a different sky than the original. I like the night sky ones, and now am going to have to practice my astrophotography.  In all cases, I took the base photo, but the sky comes from a collection of stock photos taken by others.

Click on the photo to see a larger version.  

You may remember this view of the condos near the cabin:


And here is our driveway after fresh snow:


I like this one of the Sugarloaf sign. 


And, my favorite – the house that sits on the point at Kelly’s Cove just up the road a piece:


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  1. I can remember with my Minolta XE-7, taking photos in the rolling fog north of SF.
    I think I shot 36 photos, under and over exposing by + or – stops. I had to wait
    until I was back east to get the photos developed. I got 1 or 2 very good photos. The
    other adventure was firing very high speed black and white–I did that of my first grandchild in ambient low level light. You could see every fine blond hair
    Oh Photoshop–I like what you are doing–the composition is wonderful to see. Keep it up

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