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Today was another productive day.  The security and alarm guy came and made us secure.   The appliance man came back and now both washer and dryer, and the dishwasher work fine.

Our dining room table was delivered this morning.  I like it, but I think Lou is still thinking about it.  It will be a while longer for the chairs (grrr).  But, we can use the ones from the Arizona table in the sunroom for now.



And then, the gentleman who made our rocking chairs showed up.  They are very nice, and extra special because they are made just a few miles from here.  We ordered a small table to go between them, since the one we have is too bulky.





Now we have just about everything we ordered (and need).  Only missing the dining room chairs, the bookcases for the living room wall (these weren’t expected until next month), and the new small table for the rocking chairs.  Not bad, considering we had to sort everything out from 2000 miles away.

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  1. Things are looking great!! I love the rocking chairs, and the table is beautiful! And….. the view is spectacular!!! Keep the photos coming.

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