Sitka – It’s Departure Day

(2 July 2016) Everyone went to bed early on Friday night – at least I think they did.  We had plans for the next day, since we didn’t have to board the boat until 5pm.  I was taking the kids back to the Raptor Center and The Fortress of the Bear, while Kathy & Steve hiked around Sitka, and Lou did some shopping.

Our first stop was The Fortress of the Bear.  We spent about an hour and a half there, and I think Olivia and Tory could have stayed another hour or two.


The first thing we noticed were the bears in the water.  They were having quite the interaction today.  First, one of the bears swims up to chat:


These two have words about the intruder:


And, brown bear smacks the mouthy one upside the head:


We than noticed there were even more eagles here today than yesterday.  And, we found out one of the reasons there are so many eagles here, as we watched the owner toss some salmon in for the bears; the tossed salmon pieces just might have been attracting eagles as well:


This fella stood up, trying to get some attention, and maybe a piece of salmon:


Our happy group:


You can see part of the old concrete tank that acts as a pen for the bears.  Here is a shot of the one on the other side.  Not fancy, but they make very safe homes for the bears:


Almost 45 minutes later, and the wrestling bears are still going at it:


Remember – Don’t Feed the Bears!!!


The Alaska Raptor Center was our next stop.  Today, we made it in time to hear a short lecture from one of the naturalists at the center:


The birds were just as beautiful today as they had been yesterday.  Even though we had some sprinkles, the kids enjoyed a stroll through the wooded path.  The girls took turns comparing their wingspan to the raptor’s:

We arrived back in Sitka and went our separate ways (but somehow all ended up at the same Mexican Restaurant and Arcade for lunch!).

Click HERE for The next post about boarding the ship and our sail away.

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