Silver Salmon Creek – Day 3, Part 1

We 26 August 2015, Wednesday

Our third day started before breakfast.

We scoped out the area, but no bears were waiting for us, so it was back to the lodge for breakfast. Looks like Lou is the first one up to the kitchen, the advantage of skipping sunrise excursions.

After a hearty breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and fruit, we were off on our morning bear hunting expedition. With no bears immediately in sight, some of the guys checked out the wave action.

And then … da da da dun!!! We saw bear tracks …

Chris was working the binoculars, while I was taking photos of the nice Canadian family in our group.

Still searching for bears, we hung out at the beach for a while longer.

We caught up with Captain Handsome, and another guide from Silver Salmon Creek Lodge. They weren’t having any luck either. Do you think we can get a refund?

We did find a dead fish on the shore. Probably dropped off by a bear, for a snack later in the day.

Looks like we got skunked in the morning session. Not a bear to be found. Back to the Lodge for lunch, and an extended afternoon break. Perry, our leader, gave a wildlife photography presentation.

We will pick up the rest of the day in the next post. Somewhat disappointing not to find any bears in the morning session, but it happens. It is also the reason why we recommend people stay at least a couple of nights, if going to the trouble and expense of flying in somewhere for bear viewing.

Click HERE to see if our day gets better.

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