Silver Salmon Bear Hunting – Slim Pickings

27 August 2015, Thursday

Started the day with breakfast, skipping the sunrise tour today.

As the title of this post foretells, today was not going to be a stellar one for finding bears. We did enjoy our time out and about, and saw other interesting things.

Very strange clouds
Making the grand tour – driving the loop looking for bears in their usual places
People fishing, and a nice view of the mountains
A crazy speeding boat in shallow waters
Where are those darned bears?
Nope, no bears here
What you do when there are no bears – talk about the bears you saw last time you were here.
Back to the Lodge for Lunch

No bears at all this morning, but it was a beautiful morning. It is disappointing when the bears don’t come out, but it also makes us appreciate them when they do show up.

Click HERE to see if the bears show up.

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