Scandal at Silver Salmon Creek

We left off with our last post showing one of the cubs with a rather large salmon. Did this little bear catch this big fish?

Let’s look closely. There is something odd about this fish.

His fish has a rather large hook in its mouth. In fact, the little bear 🐻 may have thought he caught it, but he actually just picked it off the string of salmon some lazy fisherman had left in the creek.

There are strict rules in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve … all fish must be put into a fish box, and cannot be left on a stringer in the creek. The person who was fishing here broke that rule, and the infraction was witnessed by a Park Ranger. The real danger is the bears associating humans with food. In the worst case scenario, the bears would be put down.

We continued documenting the activities of the bears.

The bears did feast on the salmon, but fortunately, they were not too interested in the human goods. After their salmon lunch, Mama allowed the cubs to nurse.

We continued watching from across the creek, as the bears napped. Mama would lie her head down briefly, then lift up and scope out the area, but they did not appear to be stressed.

The gal on the right side of this photo is a Ranger. She told us both the fisherman and his guide would most likely be fined. The guide was one who flew in for the day, not one from the local lodges. Later that afternoon, another Ranger visited the lodge to interview us, and also collected some photographs. Interfering with the bears is a serious offense.

One last look at the resting trio, before they ambled away to new territory.

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  1. Great photos, great bears. It is so cool to watch Mom with the babies…salmon and Mother’s milk…great combo. Nice restaurant…keep ‘me comin’. AMY

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