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Sorry for lack of posting. All is well and just enjoying a relaxing time in Florida. I promise I will do some pics from our trip to Maine.

This was funny – Lou was throwing the ball for Tasha, and it got stuck in the railing. She was Not Happy!!!


These were taken with the iPad, so please excuse the quality.

Then, he did it again – accidentally. No problem for this pup:

Yes – we are living an exciting life.


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  1. Bailey has the the same attachment to one specific ball. If it’s stuck somewhere, she loses her mind. She sits next to it and won’t move until we rescue it. I spent last night taping cardboard to the bottom of the chef racks in the kitchen because she loved to shoot it under there and make us dig it out for her. She’s sooooo funny about that ball! God help us if anything ever happens to it because she sleeps with it and everything.

  2. Bravo – excellent action shot of the ball rolling down the banister!
    Brains and beauty, some ‘Princesses’ have it all!

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