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  • Mainely Improving …
    Didn’t realize a couple of days have slipped by without an update. The routine has been mostly the same, the Traveling Sisters Care Team continues to feed us, and they handle a lot of Lou’s needs as well. My main job is providing motivation, and it is working. […]
  • What is Happening in Maine?
    Things are going well. Lou continues to improve each day, and we continue to improve our care techniques 😂. So far, I have only made a few mistakes (backwards underwear, two feet in the same leg, and backwards pants). Today was change the sheets day, so the Traveling […]
  • Day 6 Update
    Apologies for not posting this update yesterday. The day was a whirlwind, and I fell asleep with a dog in my lap when I sat down to write a post: The Traveling Sisters Care Team has been a Godsend. They have taken over snacks and meals, and are […]
  • Day 5 Quick Update
    The Traveling Sisters Care Team finally arrived in Maine! They spent Friday night in a hotel in Washington DC. On Saturday morning, they had breakfast and made a short visit to the Smithsonian before going to the airport for their 1pm flight. Once on the plane, there was […]
  • Day 4
    I was hoping to announce the arrival of the Traveling Sisters Care Team, due in from California. But, their plane was cancelled last night and they have spent the night in DC. Hopefully their new flight is not cancelled, and they should arrive this afternoon. Fortunately, Beth and […]
  • Dad’s Home!!!
    Picking up where I left off yesterday – I had a few texts from Lou during the night which indicated he was doing OK. This one came in after breakfast: “Breakfast was a serving of canned pears and reconstituted powdered scrambled eggs that would suck the moisture out […]
  • Update on Lou
    Surgery went well. Lou will spend tonight in the hospital and come home tomorrow. It was a long day, but glad the surgery is done. He could have come home this evening, but his recovery nurse and I decided it was better for him to stay there tonight […]
  • Today is the Day
    Thinking good thoughts as we prepare to take off for Bangor. Lou’s knee replacement surgery is scheduled for 12:40pm, and we need to get him there by 10:30am. It was nice not to have to get up at the crack of dawn. I will update this evening. I […]
  • Allergies, Anyone?
    I was waiting to post until I had some ”real” flower pics. The plan was to take the real camera and a tripod out for a photo shoot. That hasn’t happened. No problems, I have just been wrapped up in my game. An update came out for my […]
  • National Best Friends Day
    Just wanted to give a shout out to my best friend growing up, Lynette (Root) Scott. We were BFFs all through grade school, and still keep in touch. These photos crack me up, and I can’t believe these were taken over 50 (or 60) years ago! Stay Safe!