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  • A Day without Lobster …
    is a sad day for the Girls from California. So far, I believe today (Tuesday) is the second day they have gone without their crustacean fix. Yesterday was just too rainy and windy to go out, and Catherine had some school work to do today. Don’t be sad, […]
  • Happy Birthday, Beth 🎂🎉💐
    We had a very special day, celebrating Beth’s birthday today. It started with blueberry pancakes for breakfast, followed by Oysters and Lobster rolls for lunch. Will share some photos of those feasts tomorrow. Tonight we will focus on the Birthday dinner. Catherine took over chef duties, and everything […]
  • Lobsters in Peril 🦞🦞
    The Sisters left early Friday morning from California, and arrived by 8 PM. All went well with their flights and it was great to see them both. They made a quick visit to the hot tub last night, and discovered what single digit temps really mean. Catherine said […]
  • I Wanna be just like Lou
    So today, I took a flying sprawl on the fresh snow covering the driveway. I was going out to help Lou bring in the groceries, and just happened to step in a spot of snow with solid ice underneath. What is that about no good deed going unpunished? […]
  • Real Food for Frozen People
    It was very cold today, like -1 degrees – even colder if you take wind chill into consideration. Lou had some delicious pork he was saving for a special meal. I asked what the cut was, and he gave me a rather detailed discourse that I didn’t quite […]
  • Flowers 📸
    I am taking a flower photography course. Yes, a flower course in Maine in January! Kathleen Clemons just happens to be from Maine as well. She is quite well known in the world of flower photography, and it is difficult to get a spot in her classes, so […]
  • Even More Snow
    We got a nice covering of 3 to 4 inches of snow on Friday, but Kathy and Steve had about a foot in Machiasport. It looked especially beautiful in the sunlight on Saturday. Machiasport is located about 100 miles from Northport: Guest Blog Photo Share by Kathy Let’s […]
  • And … We have Snow
    We got about 4 inches of snow today, the forecast said we might get as much as 7 inches. It was nice, it snowed all day. I did go out to grab some photos, but it was also cloudy and overcast, so there wasn’t a lot of light. […]
  • Test Kitchen
    Oh no, not another post about cooking! Haha. Nope, just wanted to say I have added a new feature to the Diabetes Denied blog. I started a new category called Test Kitchen. This is where I plan to report on specific foods and how much they spike blood […]
  • It Snowed!
    I reread yesterday’s post and it definitely sounded like we were suffering from the winter doldrums. I am happy to say the outlook has improved. We even got some snow yesterday afternoon and evening. Just a light coating, but we enjoyed watching it come down. I also spent […]