Real Food for Frozen People

It was very cold today, like -1 degrees – even colder if you take wind chill into consideration. Lou had some delicious pork he was saving for a special meal. I asked what the cut was, and he gave me a rather detailed discourse that I didn’t quite follow. I think it is tender filets from center cut pork chops. Anyway, it was delicious, served with peppers and mushroom ravioli.

Your next question might be, what does the glucose curve look like for this meal? Answer: Who Cares?

This is one of those special meals that deserves to be enjoyed. my numbers were good all day, so I had no concerns. Plus, I ate the peppers and pork first, then the ravioli. It was all absolutely delicious.

Stay Safe !!!

Edit: Wanted to share the fact that there was virtually no glucose spike with the delicious dinner! Which means I will be having leftovers for lunch.

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  1. That’s the coziest and most delicious-looking scene. It was super-cold here, too. Wind-chill numbers below zero all day long. A bit warmer today.

    • That is one of our new gas fireplace inserts. Still waiting for the finishing touches.

      We are getting snow flurries this morning, but supposed to warm today.

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