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Our biggest accomplishment in July was getting the cars detailed. My Jeep looks pretty good for a seven+ year old car. The real improvement is in the inside – all shined up and not full of the stuff I had collected in the last year or two. I told Kathy, “Lou’s Denali is once again FBI ready.”

The hydrangeas are out again – do these just bloom over and over again?

Another random tidbit – Lou finally received his order of anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizer. He uses this particular brand of Purell and it has been hard to get. We are hoping the supply chain is getting back to normal – fingers crossed things don’t get crazy again.

And, a final thought for the day … June and July went by in about 30 seconds. I am worried it might be October by the time we finish our coffee …

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    • He did do a good job and it was convenient – at the local car wash downtown Belfast. The dogs didn’t appreciate having to run alongside the Jeep to and from the groomers today – didn’t want to get dog hair in my clean car …

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