Punta Cormorant – Floreana Island

July 4, 2018 – day 6, our last land adventure

We loaded into the Pangas for our last official land exploration – headed to Punta Cormorant, an olivine-crystal Beach with a brackish water lagoon.  



I had my own private Shore Walk, guided by Daniel. I was so happy to see nesting Blue Footed Boobies, since I had missed them on our very first outing to North Seymour Island.


But then, I looked closely and was saddened by the sight of a dead Booby Baby. The parents looked on in distress:


Wait … a miracle!


The baby lives!  Daniel explained how the parents teach the young to “play dead.”  This is to protect the baby when the parents fly off to gather food. Speaking of food, our newly arisen baby woke up in time for a snack:


Daniel pulled me away from the birds, and we hiked a short distance to the shore of the lagoon  and, another surprise!




We found flamingos!  The American Flamingo is one of the “Big 15” species sought by travelers to the Galápagos Islands.

Daniel and I walked back along the beach, and had a chance to see more Blue Footed Boobies. We even saw some pairs doing the dancing ritual, where the male raises his foot in a stilted dance-like move, hoping to attract the female.






More baby action:








Here’s a shot of Catherine and Olivia exiting the Panga at the end of our excursion. When the water was choppy, the Panga could rise by 2-3 feet with the swells, making the exit tricky.  We always had at least two crew members assisting.

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  1. A great last excursion! Amazing series of photos of the Boobies with the baby and wonderful to see the mating dance.

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