Posts are Starting to Appear – 2015 Bear Trip

Posts are currently being updated for our very first bear viewing adventure at the Alaska Homestead Lodge in Lake Clark National Park. If you are tired of bears, you might want to skip this section now and just come back to the link in a month or two. If your name is AMY, please look at all the pictures twice, cause there won’t be anymore bears for a while, once this report is done.

We did this adventure as part of a photography tour group – Van Os Photo Safaris, lead by Perry Conway.

Here is the link to get you started on this trip. Or just scroll back a couple of posts to hop into Day 3 of the action. You will also notice that one of the main stars of the 2015 trip is Crimp Ear. She is the sow with two yearling cubs. Remember, she showed up in the last part of our 2019 tour, demonstrating her excellent fishing skills.

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