Police Escort … A short Tale

It’s been ages since I was driven home in the back of a Sheriff’s car. In fact, maybe this was the first time ever. 

No, I did not go tie one on after visiting Lou in the hospital last night. Driving home, the oil light went on and the dashboard lit up “Stop driving immediately.”
I pulled over as soon as I could … the car died and it wasn’t looking good. I am on US Route one in the dark, in a snow storm and it was 13 degrees outside. Not knowing what to do, I called Lou in a moment of panic. Of course, what can he do sitting in a hospital?  He gave me the number of a friend who helps us with the house. Roland wasn’t home … 
It occurred to me to call the local police station. The dispatcher was very nice and connected me to Dan’s Towing. Dan arrived within 30 minutes and towed me to the local garage in Belfast. Whew, I did not make the headlines … “frozen woman found on the side of The road near Northport.”  This isn’t a great photo, but it’s taken by me in the front seat of our Denali while the tow truck backed up to it …

As we were getting close to Belfast, Dan called the taxi company for me. Uh oh, they were closed … and Uber wasn’t answering either. Dan called the sherriff’s office, and a nice officer picked me up and drove me home. 

I was rescued by both the local police and sheriff … can’t beat that service. Sometimes living in a small town has its advantages. 

Update on Lou:  he is still doing very well and I will load some photos later to show him up and about 

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  1. Wow, one of those moments when you realize what a great invention cell phones are! I can just see that happening in Northport with the officer driving you home. So nice that they don’t have other things to do! I hope the car was fixed up quickly and with no problems. Small towns are the best!

  2. OMG!!! An entertaining story now, but you must have been worried there for a bit! You joke about the headline but that could have happened. Very happy to hear it did not! And unfortunately, RIP Denali.

    I assume you didn’t have the pups with you or we’d have seen a photo of them in the back of the car with Dan and the sheriff!

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