Our Little Shed

Is coming right along. Here are a few pics from the last two days. The roof is scheduled for tomorrow.

In other news:

  • Lou is doing much much better. He is walking a lot, and feels better. His bruises are mostly gone, but his cheek is still plenty sore.
  • Stitch is not showing any signs of his neck trauma. He is now weaning off of the steroids but is still ravenous!
  • I had a good visit at the diabetes clinic. My blood sugar levels are coming down, and I am tolerating the new medicine, Trulicity, with minimal side effects.
  • Natasha is also well, and is living her best princess life.

Stay Safe!

Advent Adventures

The pups continue to enjoy their Advent cookies. I continue to have trouble counting, but figure they will just keep getting cookies ’til we run out.

Beth & Todd sent the cutest live Christmas tree. And guess what? This one is an Advent Tree. We did get a chuckle – now I had a second counting challenge (click the pics for the full sized photos).

Isn’t this adorable? It even came with its own little lights. The ornaments fit in numbered pockets, and even I should be able to pull the right one out each day.

We can plant the tree after Christmas, and re-use the cute Advent base and ornaments.

Thank you, Beth & Todd !!!

Stay Safe!

Quick Shed Update

i will have more on our Christmas Advent Adventures tomorrow. For now, here are a couple pics showing progress on the shed. Andy and crew got it pretty well tightened up, and are storing some of the siding pieces inside.

Stitch continues to be much more interested than Natasha:

Stay Safe!

Advent Update

Just a quick update today. Our patients are both doing better today. Lou still has a problem getting comfortable, but he is walking much better. Stitch seems to think his path to healing requires a cookie every ten minutes. He is responding well to his medications and hopefully healing.

I am slightly behind on the Advent Calendar for the pups due to all the excitement this week. These photos are from earlier this week.

However, this is the best photo. I have been keeping the tabs from the calendar – Lou asked why I skipped Day 3? I responded indignantly, ”Of course I didn’t skip a day.” Oops …

Stay tuned for more Advent fun later this week. Gotta go catch up now, and practice counting as well.

Stay Safe.

Stitch gets a Surprise!

We had snow flurries throughout the night, but it was sunny and clear this morning. Deputy Dawg Stitch seemed a little surprised when he went out on the back deck.

It was funny, because the dogs haven’t paid much attention to the shed when they are on the back deck – I guess the addition of the roof and second story caught their attention.

Other News

Spent 4 hours at the emergency clinic on Tuesday night. No, not with Lou – he is doing better every day. Stitch started acting very odd late afternoon. He was hanging his head, kind of dragging his foot, and just really seemed out of it. Given his history of seizures, I was concerned he might have had a bad one, or maybe a small stroke.

He actually had a vet appointment for the next day to update his shots, but I knew we wouldn’t get any rest during the night because we would be worried about him. I called the animal emergency clinic and decided to take him in. It is about 30 miles, and it was a dark and rainy drive. We get to the clinic, and then had to wait two hours in a cold and dark car before we could be seen. Covid 19 protocol means you don’t get to go inside. Please get vaccinated!

Stitch was mostly sleeping, still acting like he was out of it. The technician finally came to get him, and she carried him into the clinic. Within 30 minutes, I got a call from the vet. She said he had apparently done something to his neck, as he totally froze when she touched it, and he whimpered (awww, poor boy). But she said he could go home after she gave him a shot for the pain, and we decided to follow up with x-rays at our regular vet in the morning.

I took him in early to the vet yesterday morning. They sedated him and took an x-ray. The radiologist could see nothing obvious, so no signs of arthritis or a disc issue. We came home with a bag full of medications – prednisone, muscle relaxer, and a couple meds for his stomach. He was comfortable last night and only cried once when he tried to run, and ended up sliding around the corner. He is eating good and slept soundly. As you can see from the photos above, he is walking fine today. We will monitor him and then decide if he needs a cat scan or MRI. Hopefully it was just a strain and he bounces back! Our biggest problem now will be trying to keep his activity level down. He is, after all, Deputy Dawg, and feels obligated to investigate every noise, inside and outside!

Natasha had a good check-up, although she was treated for an ear infection. Other than that, the girls in the house are staying relatively healthy.

Stay Safe!

Project Shed Progress

Imagine my surprise when I came home from town yesterday, and saw a second story going on the shed!

Lou says, ”It is just a loft for a little extra storage.” Uh Huh. I knew I should have checked the plans out for this build!

It was going to snow today, and the guys were working hard to try to get the base of the roof on:

I came home from town about 4:20pm (sunset was 3:57pm), and this is what I saw:

The thought crossed my mind that the shed might double as a chapel …