Allergies, Anyone?

I was waiting to post until I had some ”real” flower pics. The plan was to take the real camera and a tripod out for a photo shoot. That hasn’t happened. No problems, I have just been wrapped up in my game. An update came out for my favorite game with Aloy, my archer girl, and I have been enjoying gaming time.

Lou has been getting organized for his knee surgery next week. He has to figure out which meds to stop when, plus he wants to make sure he has everything he needs while he is confined to the bedroom.

The pollen drop has been crazy this month, every day our cars are covered. I grabbed this pic early this morning on my way to the golf course. It looks like yellow algae, but it is just pollen. The conditions were perfect, the pollen collected on the rocks and shore at low tide, then washed up as the tide came in.

And, since I am here, I will share some recent iPhone snaps of our blooms. My favorite is the yellow rhododendron

We never get tired of how green it is this time of year, and the flowers provide that extra pop of color.

Stay Safe!

National Best Friends Day

Just wanted to give a shout out to my best friend growing up, Lynette (Root) Scott. We were BFFs all through grade school, and still keep in touch. These photos crack me up, and I can’t believe these were taken over 50 (or 60) years ago!

Stay Safe!

Morning View

We had quite a thunderstorm last night, but woke to clear skies. More blooms popping up as well.

On the news front, Lou is planning to move forward with the knee replacement surgery. He is scheduled for June 15th in Bangor. Stay tuned for the excitement of this upcoming adventure.

Some photos from this morning:

A sneak peak of the shed. Still waiting for them to finish the last details…that is Natasha, meandering towards her favorite spot behind the shed. She moves at a snail’s pace, sniffing everything she can.
A view up the driveway. It is hard to get a good photo showing the almost complete canopy effect from the trees.
Pacific Rhododendron – Rhododendron Macrophyllum
Japanese Snowball – Viburnum Plicatum
Rugosa Rose – Rosa Rugosa
Chinese Peony – Paeonia Lactiflora
Common Dandelion – Teraxacum Officinale
Bigleaf Lupine – Lupinus Polyphyllus

We are waiting for the roses.

Stay Safe !!!

An Interesting Golf Course

Had the chance to play a different golf course this week, one near Augusta. It rained the first hour and a half, but then it cleared up. I didn’t golf very well, so I spent time taking some photos, mostly of the flowers. Springbrook Golf Course was built in the 60’s and it still maintains the character of the original design. It is very well maintained and the greens were top notch.

Stay Safe!!!

The New Cabin Backyard

Here are some of the photos of the freshly cleaned up and planted backyard. Cecil has been organizing flowers, weed removal, and repair of our little waterfall. It is really coming along and we appreciate the new look.

Stay Safe!!!

A Surprise Storm

We were just hanging out yesterday when it began to rain, and then it came down fast and furious. Here is a very short video – best with sound on.

The brief storm happened at 1:45pm. Fortunately, the skies cleared by 5pm when we set out for our birthday celebration. We were looking forward to going out to eat, since it had been awhile.

We have been to the Coplin Dinner House four times, and it has been excellent each time. It started off fine, with appetizers, soup, and salad. Then we had some surprises. We both decided to change things up. I picked the filet mignon instead of fish. This turned out to be a mistake. I don’t think there was anything wrong with my meat, but I didn’t care for it, as it was very strong and not quite as tender as I expected. Possibly because it was Black Angus beef, I dunno.

Lou’s dinner arrived and his New Zealand lamb chops looked suspiciously like Prime Rib. He ended up taking the Prime Rib, since the waitress had messed up the order, and he didn’t want to wait for them to start over. This was a disappointment, made worse because he didn’t care for the prime rib. It was fatty and undercooked (which, for Lou, means it must have come straight out of the freezer).

The crazy thing about Lou’s order – he had discussed the Rack of Lamb with the waitress, because he initially didn’t see it on the menu. She assured him they had it and pointed it out on the menu. At no time did prime rib enter into the discussion. Oh well. She made a mistake. It happens. She appreciated Lou being a good sport.

Even with the disappointing entrees, we had a good time. It was nice to get out of the house, to not have to cook or clean-up, and to not be stared down by soulful cocker spaniel eyes.

We are chalking the mishaps up to them just re-opening, after being shut down for almost two months after the close of the ski season. We were thankful we didn’t have guests, since all we have done is rave about this restaurant.

We packed up this morning and came back to the coast. we had a good visit at the cabin and will post a few more flower photos tomorrow.

Stay Safe!