More Snow

We had a full day of snow, starting with light flurries. The flakes were huge.

Later in the day, the snow was coming down even stronger:

Stay Safe!

Snow Day

We only had few snow flurries today, but we took a rest day, aka a snow day. I played one of my games and napped. Lou did odds and ends, and met with Cecil for a while this morning. Cecil takes care of the house for us. We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow.Stitch was fine, but Natasha drove us crazy. She is absolutely obsessed with the peanut butter cookies Donna made for the pups. This morning, she refused her regular treat and stood at attention by the cabinet where the peanut butter cookies are sitting until she got one.

Did a little blog housekeeping. I have been having fun with my diabetes research project and have added a few more posts. If you are one of the three people following along 😉, I have added a ”Recent Posts” section on the sidebar of this blog. You can see what the latest posts are, and click on one if you would like to check it out. If you are reading the blog on a tablet or laptop, you will find the diabetes posts in the sidebar on the right. If you are reading on a mobile phone, the diabetes links will be down below the posts at the bottom of the page. Here is what it looks like:

Stay Safe!

Road Trip!

Finally! We started early today, since Lou had a Doctor’s appointment at 8am. He got a passing grade and was free to escape Midcoast Maine. We went back home, had some breakfast, packed the car, corralled the dogs, and left for Sugarloaf Mountain at 11 am.

We had some pretty light as we left our driveway, and I snapped a few pics:

Some more photos from the road trip. Lou drove today – the first time in a month! He is either recovered (mostly) or is just extremely anxious when I get behind the wheel. At least it motivated him to give it a try, and he did a great job!

Click a photo to see a larger version.

Our timing was perfect, because we were able to meet with the pest control person. We have had a mouse issue, and he was able to check everything and assure us it is in control. Lou was also able to check put the brand new boiler/furnace system. Hopefully everything will work just fine this winter!

Snow level here looks similar to what we just left in Northport. There is a good chance we will see more snow this week.

Stay Safe !!!

A White Week before Christmas

The snow continued throughout the night and much of today. This was an early morning view:

The dogs and I ventured out. Stitch was quite happy to hang out for awhile. He still thinks cookies grow in the snow…

Natasha wanted nothing to do with the outside. She dashed out just far enough for a quick pee, then hightailed it back to the door (of course, she has insisted on going out to the back deck every 15-20 minutes all day long).

I always take a photo of the bar-b-que and railing, so we can judge the snowfall. This is the first real snow we’ve had, and the guys who plow were lamenting the lack of income this year. This is about a month late for the first snow requiring plowing of the driveway.

A quick view of the shed. The roofers did not make it yesterday, but it looks to be all buttoned up.

Our plan was to go to the cabin tomorrow, but we will probably wait one more day, just to give the roads time to clear. I will be driving 😜

Stay Safe!!!

Pizza Party

Our pizza pod got together this evening and shared food, drink, and good conversation.

It is starting to feel a little bit like Christmas. And guess what else? It started snowing tonight at about 6pm and is supposed to go all night. Can’t wait to see if we get more than an inch or two.

This was taken at 9:30 pm

Stay Safe!

Our Little Shed

Is coming right along. Here are a few pics from the last two days. The roof is scheduled for tomorrow.

In other news:

  • Lou is doing much much better. He is walking a lot, and feels better. His bruises are mostly gone, but his cheek is still plenty sore.
  • Stitch is not showing any signs of his neck trauma. He is now weaning off of the steroids but is still ravenous!
  • I had a good visit at the diabetes clinic. My blood sugar levels are coming down, and I am tolerating the new medicine, Trulicity, with minimal side effects.
  • Natasha is also well, and is living her best princess life.

Stay Safe!