Leaving Camden …

It’s time to say goodbye to Camden.  We head out early tomorrow morning …………… but just to go on a short cruise to Bar Harbor (technically to Southwest Harbor).  Should take 4-5 hours to cruise there, then we’ll spend a couple days before heading back to Camden until the end of October.

A few more Camden Harbor photos from this evening – same harbor, just a different viewpoint than I usually show.  Maybe I can get a job with the Camden Chamber of Commerce. 

Tequila Sunrise

Just kidding – can’t stand tequila. Wide awake before dawn again today, so went over to the other side of the marina to see if I could get some photos of the sunrise.  Got lucky, as there was a good vantage point, and there were some clouds out to give some color as well.  I struggle with this type of photo – ideally you want the water nice and smooth.  This requires long exposure times, but then the silly boats move all around and get out of focus.  Some day I’ll figure it out, but here’s a sample of this morning’s work

Update: I had a question about whether I just used colored filters or photoshop to make the different colors shown in the photos below.  Answer – “Nope.  The location I was at had 3 or 4 distinct areas that looked different, depending on how the light from the rising sun hit the sky and water in that area.  Plus, I was shooting from +/- 30 minutes before and after sunrise, when you see lots of changes. (Dr. Epcot hat off).”

Trains on Deck!

Today’s post is an update on the train work.  Now, admittedly, I don’t truly understand what Lou is doing, step-by-step – but I’ll do my best to describe it.  Then, when he doesn’t like my explanation, maybe I can get him to log in and correct it.

This is his “train layout board,” turned upside down, sitting on top the bar-b-que.   I’ll have to show the perfectly placed rubber stoppers that are holding the track off the top once he turns it over again.


All these wires you see are running through little holes he drilled by the track on the other side.  You can’t see the holes on the other side because they are so small, so I can’t show you what that looks like.


Now, he’s making sure everything is just perfect.  And I sure hope it is, cause it won’t be pretty if it’s not (and I’m not talking about the wiring).


Very carefully preparing the wires for connection to that white thing-a-ma-jig on the right.


From the thing-a-ma-jig, the wires get connected to the DCC – that would be the Digitrax Command Control (I know that, because I can read what it says on top the DCC).


Here, Lou’s hand is showing us that another Digitrax Command Control module goes on this side of the board, with another thing-a-ma-jiggie.  You might also notice that the second DCC is labeled “id102.”  Presumably, this is so he can tell the computer which whatchacallit to turn on and off.  (I keep telling him that thumbnail is gonna fall off)


Doing some more of the detailed wiring while enjoying his morning coffee.  He seems quite content to play around with these wires all day.  I know the DCCs get connected to another control box, and I think that then connects to the computer.  The goal is to be able to have total control over the locomotives on the track – to know where they are, how fast they’re going, and to be able to switch them to other routes on the track.  I dunno – seems to me you could tell most of this by just looking at the trains running around the track, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun!

I’m off to do some laundry, so let’s hope his progress keeps on track.

Mellow Yellow

Hope everyone is fine. We are doing well – very low key and relaxed. Trying to stay warm in these times of very cold nights and early mornings. Lou seems to be making good progress on his train switches and electrical stuff.  The cold weather has brought some interesting sunsets and sunrises, so I am keeping myself occupied with the camera.

Very Very Cold

For once, the forecasters were right. It is very cold here – and windy. I woke up early and was out on the dock freezing – taking some photos in sub-40 degree weather. Lou was toasting in the warm bed – he is definitely less of an early morning person than he used to be.


Today’s experiment – I understand you may well be sick of seeing pictures of Camden Harbor and boats.  Will hopefully find some new subjects next week if a trip we are planning works out.




Walked downtown to dinner last night.  Quite a few of the shops are on winter hours since Labor Day, and a few have shut down entirely.  Still trying to figure out what these dog things are – coffee cups?



This is summer in Camden! May have to turn on the heater and get out the sweatshirts.

Looks like it’s not too bad in Florida:

A tad warmer in Arizona, starting next week. I imagine everyone is happy with the break in the heat: