The Day After

Irene was essentially a no-show in Camden. We’re not complaining. Had surprisingly little rain last night, and woke up to sunny skies today. Lou made a quick trip to the boat early this morning and all is well. We’re heading back over to hook up the power, but will spend this evening in the hotel, since it’s already paid for.

Afternoon Update – with Not-Too-Exciting-Video

News update from 2pm (5:30 pm update added as well). Light rain, winds getting stronger.

First attempt at uploading a video, so I have no idea how it will work out. Note – nothing too exciting here. Winds are reported as 15-20 mph, and we’re at low tide. The concern was that high tide and surges could take the water over the pilings, which would create havoc.

Breaking News @ 5:30pm  … looks very much like pm 2pm.  No rain, some wind.

Morning Update – Tropical Storm Irene

All’s well. We were both awake at 4am. Lou said he was going to the boat when it got light to double check. I was going to go with him to pick up some things I forgot. I dozed off – woke up at 8:30, missed trip to the boat, made it downstairs to breakfast. Lou reported all was well with the boat, as expected. Winds are still minimal, and rain had been steady but light.

Poked my head outside the hotel – rain is picking up, but it looks like the shops are opening as usual.

Forecast is still showing winds at 30-40 mph, with the main force to hit this evening. Storm surge predicted to be 1-2 ft at high tide. I don’t really know what this means, but it is better than what people were talking about a few days ago.

Breaking news photos added during walk outside at noon:

disclaimer: not taking the storm potential lightly, just relieving boredom of waiting around.

Weather Update

Guess I should have checked the weather forecast before posting the first Hurricane stuff, but we’re tired.  Lou’s already snoring steadily, and I’m about to nod off.  Checked the forecast for Camden, and it’s showing winds of about 35 mph at the peak.  In Florida, we wouldn’t even bring in the dogs with those winds. Let’s hope this thing keeps petering out.  I should add that the forecast for Camden is almost never accurate.

What I hate about the media reports is, you can never tell how much is fact vs. “how-big-a-story-can-we-make-out-of-this.”  G’nite all.

Buttoning Up for Irene

This is what it looked like when we woke up on Friday morning – calm and sunny. As the day progressed, it got hot. We finally turned the A/C on when it reached 87 inside the boat. You’d never guess a major storm was headed our way.


Lou got right to work, taking down the canvas on the bridge.

He was super industrious, deciding to clean out the lockers below the seats on the aft deck.

I believe he was after all the extra lines … can you tell we’ve been through this drill in Florida? Can you guess how excited we are to have come to Maine to escape hurricanes – they do get them, but the last bad one was Gloria in 1985.


I had my assignment – finishing off the ice cream in the freezer, since we’d be turning the power off for a few days. Lou later reminded me that the refrigerator and deep freeze were on battery back-ups, so I didn’t have to force myself to eat ice cream for lunch.


The bridge is all buttoned up, and wrapped like a Christmas present.


This is what it looked like this afternoon (Saturday), when we locked everything up and headed to the hotel. While it was foggy, we haven’t seen any rain yet today, and it’s now after 8pm. We could have stayed on the boat, but figured we’ll be more comfortable in a hotel.


We’re all snugged in at the Lord Camden Inn … right in the middle of town. We have TV, and a bathtub 🙂

Will add more updates tomorrow as the storm progresses. We really aren’t sure what to expect, since we’ve never seen a Hurricane in New England, so we’ll just take it as a learning experience.

Spam-A-Lot – Targeted Marketing Doesn’t Work, Does It?

I know we’re not the only ones getting hit with tons of spam every day. Just for kicks, I went through today’s garbage to find some to share – limiting myself to only 5 (all safe for work and young eyes – fortunately, we don’t get much of the other).

No. 1 – Amazon is really starting to tick me off. We already spend a fortune with them, and they’ve been designated as a recipient in our will. But this targeted ad nonsense is over the top. Todays’ Gem:

Subject: Up to 77% Off Cosmetic Treatments – Palm Beaches

The last time I visited a Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon, I left a good hunk of my forehead behind. No Thanks, Amazon!



No. 2 Did someone share my cooking dreams? I might actually go for this one, if they have a souffle-on-a-stick version.

From: Tasty Pop Top Cakes
Subject: Make delicious bite size cake pops at home

(This isn’t such a terrible idea, but why in Goodness Sake would they send this to me, someone who has never purchased a single cooking-related item in her life?)




No. 3 This one hits just a little close to home. Sure, maybe I could use this, but it’s none of their darned business!

From: Bare Lifts Bras
Suject: Don’t spend Hundreds on specialty bras and lift systems

(hey – do you think these really work???)



No. 4 was very much out of line, especially since I’d just passed on the Bare Lift Bras.

From: Comfy Control Harness
Subject: The new xxx harness that combines comfort with control

Click here to see the accompanying photo, I am just too upset to actually post it here.


No. 5  Who in their right mind would send this to an almost 60 year old bag lady?

Subject: Preorder Gears of War 3

W00T !!! This is L33T !!! *I don’t really talk like that, except when I’m on my headset at 3am totally fraggin’ those 13 year old cyber punks.  New Gears of War – I’m so on this one.

Moral of this story to the marketing spambots – 1 out of 5 ain’t bad.  How are the rest of you doing with your daily spam alottment?


Note:  I am aware of photograph copyrights, and generally try not to steal stuff without permission, or at least giving credit to the source.  BUT – if you’re gonna send me unsolicited emails, I’ll use those photos however I darn well please.