First Day Out

Lou has officially been released to the outside world. Today, he had his first PT appointment in Belfast. Getting in and out of the car is certainly a lot easier than it was a month ago! He said the appointment went well, and the therapist is pleased with his progress so far. He has appointments a couple times a week for the next two months or so.

I am still doing physical therapy on my knee, hoping to avoid a knee replacement in the future 😊

Not a lot of new flowers, but the pink rose bush started to bloom. These are prettier than the red ones:

We are planning to go up to the cabin tomorrow. Lou is pretty excited about riding along with me for two hours 👍 This will probably motivate him to get his driving legs ready.

Family Scandal

I briefly covered this in the Diabetes Blog, but since not everyone cares to read the details of every bike ride I take, and every carb I shouldn’t have eaten, I want to share this shocking story with our wider audience.

Catherine and I have been competing in an Apple Watch Exercise competition for several months. We can earn a maximum of 600 points each day by walking, riding a bike, doing strength exercises, doing yoga or dance classes. Basically, any movement counts towards exercise goals on the Apple Watch. (And if you guessed the dance classes were Catherine’s, you are correct. No dancing or zumba for me.)

Each competition lasts 7 days, and we can track what the other person is doing:

This is a screenshot of our competition last week, taken at about 5:30pm my time. We were neck in neck, and I knew I had to step it up in order to keep up with Catherine. She is three hours behind me, so was easily going to hit her 600 points for the day.

This is a typical day, but then things started to change. All of a sudden, Catherine was blowing me up – logging heaps of exercise points and I couldn’t begin to catch her. Good thing there is a daily max of 600!

I was puzzled. Then Catherine shared her new activity – she was horseback riding with a friend:

The Apple Watch was counting the horse’s steps!!! We now have the Horse-gait cheating scandal. Shocking!

So now I had to compete against Catherine and the horse! Maybe I should let Stitch wear my Apple Watch for a few hours a day. Fortunately, Catherine figured out a way to fairly measure the exercise contribution from horseback riding. Riding is good exercise, and it is nice to see Catherine enjoying time on horseback.

I am glad this story has a happy ending, and we put an end to this short-lived scandal.

And, just for fun, here is Catherine on her first horse in Riverside, California.

Stepping it Up

Decided Lou might need something besides a sandwich for dinner, so stepped up my caregiver game and picked up take-out Thai. It was a good change of pace, and we both enjoyed spicing it up a notch. I ordered the sampler appetizer platter, but next time I will just pick out a couple faves (I know you don’t need to know this, but it will remind me next time I do another order).

Lou continues recovery. He has lost quite a bit of weight, so is happy about that. His knee is sore today from exercising, and his ankle still hurts. He is waiting for the day he has two good legs!

Post PT & OT

Lou had appointments with the occupational therapist and the physical therapist today. They are both pleased with his progress and expect to release him to outpatient PT next week.

I have been able to play golf a couple of times this week, since Lou is now mostly independent. Here are a couple photos from the course:

Stay Safe!

Grillin’ Again

Lou was determined not to let recovery get in the way of steaks for 4th of July. He figured out how to maneuver his walker on the deck. I did help by bringing the steaks out to the bar-b-que, a job Stitch was aching to do.

We had a nice dinner. Lou is able to sit at the table, which he prefers. I like to sit in the recliner and watch Maine Cabin Masters.

We watched fireworks from our bedroom window later in the evening. Lou is happy with the knee’s recovery. He has a slight hiccup with the ankle on his “good” leg. He must have rolled it at some point as it is swollen and sore.

Sharing an excerpt of life these days. I came down to the kitchen, after Lou had come down and made his coffee. I saw this, and immediately thought, “He’s back.”

This is what the coffee caddy looks like after I have been unsupervised for a few days:

Stay Safe!

Guest Blog – Photos from Amy

Amy and I were sharing photos of hobbies, and I thought you would all be interested to see these butterfly photos. Amy has been raising butterflies for years, and releasing them when they are ready. What a fun hobby!

These shots are from several years ago – she said she set free over 650 butterflies! Don’t forget to click for full size photos.

A look at a couple of swallowtails – these are rare to raise:

Here are some monarchs – Amy says these are much easier to raise, and she generally releases several hundred each year:

A few more photos:

So interesting to see what our friends and family are up to. Amy shared a few more interesting photos.

The story about this little guy, from Amy:

“This was my excitement last weekend…a fledgling hawk fell out of the nest that I monitor all the time at the bottom of my driveway. I have followed this pair of parents for years. They mate for life and have a life span of 50 years so we are friends. This little one, not so little, is about a foot and half tall and has a wing span of over 2 feet. So I picked it up and got in my SUV with it and drove down to the base of the tree with their nest, climbed on top of the car, all the while holding the hawk and was able to get it back in the tree…BUT it kept falling out so after about 6 times and just hoping it would survive, it came up to my front door…so I picked it up again and put it in one of my butterfly cages to keep it safe. It never tried to hurt me though it’s talons are over 2 inches. Fed it chicken livers and after a few days of it still not flying, I found a woman who does this. She came and picked it up and when it is ready to fly, she will bring it up here to release it.

What I won’t do for a good time…I would rather stick to my butterflies…”

Never a dull moment, it seems. Amy also shared this photo of Kelly, the love of her life. Amy is the last person you would expect to fall for a small dog, she has always had large dogs that I remember – an Irish Setter in college, many Golden Retrievers (including the parents of our first goldens), and then German Shepherds. Kelly is a heart-stealer.

A few more from her garden:

The last photo brings back memories of many afternoons and evenings, sitting on the patio sipping wine and making up stories. This sometimes lead to Amy and Lou singing while Amy played the piano. This home is located in the Box Springs Mountains in Riverside County. I think it is the only home in the Reserve. From here, we could look down on our house in Riverside – that is a long time ago!

Thanks for sharing, Amy. Glad to see you are keeping busy. We will have to go on another adventure before we all get too old!

Amy and sister Claudia, from our adventure in the Galapagos.