Even More Snow

We got a nice covering of 3 to 4 inches of snow on Friday, but Kathy and Steve had about a foot in Machiasport. It looked especially beautiful in the sunlight on Saturday. Machiasport is located about 100 miles from Northport:

Guest Blog Photo Share by Kathy

Let’s start with this short video of Steve, the Snow King, running his high efficiency snow blower:

Here is a view down the driveway on Friday, when it was snowing heavily – you can almost not see the house.

Now let’s go to the day after the big snow, when it was easier to take photos – click to enlarge:

There were also some critters out in the snow:

And then there is this strange animal track through the snow. Somebody could not get their fat belly out of the snow! (Kathy thinks it might have been a porcupine)

Thank you, Kathy, for sharing your beautiful snow day. Amazing how snowfall is so different from place to place. You got a foot, Laurie said Boston got about a foot, and we got 3-4 inches, even though we are right in the middle.

It is Sunday morning, and is very windy here in Northport, and almost 40 degrees. Rain is just starting, so we are going to lose our pretty snow. Kathy said they are seeing the same at their place. This reminds me of last year, when it would snow, but then melt or get washed away a day or two later. Fingers crossed for a better finish to this winter season.

Stay Safe!!!

And … We have Snow

We got about 4 inches of snow today, the forecast said we might get as much as 7 inches. It was nice, it snowed all day. I did go out to grab some photos, but it was also cloudy and overcast, so there wasn’t a lot of light.

We didn’t accomplish much else during the day. I do have a couple more of Lou’s surprise projects to share, but need some better weather to get some photos.

Without further commentary, here is a sampling of today’s snow (click for bigger pics):

Stay Safe !!!

Test Kitchen

Oh no, not another post about cooking! Haha. Nope, just wanted to say I have added a new feature to the Diabetes Denied blog. I started a new category called Test Kitchen. This is where I plan to report on specific foods and how much they spike blood sugar. Sometimes this will be a comparison of two foods, or it might just be the results for a single food.

The first Test Kitchen report is about Avocado Toast. Click the link to go to the post.

Let me know if you want me to test a particular food – but remember, I have to eat it to test it,so it needs to be reasonably appetizing 😉

Things are going well in the battle against my Type 2 Diabetes. I have been using the Continuous Glucose Monitor since October, and really like the information it gives me. I have been taking the new medicine, Trulicity, for six weeks, and it seems to be doing what it is supposed to do. My average daily blood sugar level has come down from about 160 mg/dL to 115 mg/mL. This is a good reduction in a relatively short time, but there is still room for improvement.

I will try to get some more photos of Project Shed tomorrow, as well as another surprise I found today!

Stay Safe!

It Snowed!

I reread yesterday’s post and it definitely sounded like we were suffering from the winter doldrums. I am happy to say the outlook has improved. We even got some snow yesterday afternoon and evening. Just a light coating, but we enjoyed watching it come down.

I also spent some time reflecting on the good things that happened in 2021, so I might share in a future post. In the meantime, this was this morning’s view out the back door. Look at our humble little shed! It is growing up to be a proper little house. It looks nice with the matching siding and real windows.

Stay Safe !!!

Say Hello to January

Like most people, we were convinced yesterday was Sunday, only to realize it was just Saturday. During our working lives, that would have been a welcome relief; now it is just another day we don’t get the 5:30 pm news (because all channels do some repeat sporting event or informercial until 6 pm on the weekends). Yes, we are truly grumpy old people.

We both started the New Year with a thud. We aren’t really sick, but we feel like we have colds and just need to sleep all day. The weather doesn’t help, dreary and a little rainy, washing away what is left of the snow. I know I could use a fresh snowstorm to cheer me up!

I sometimes do a review of the previous year, to get the blog started for the New Year. Frankly, 2021 was just not that memorable. Some good things happened, and I will highlight them in a future post. But, in general, 2021 did not live up to our hopes to erase the pandemic memories of 2020. Fingers crossed for 2022. I did take a glance at my Favorites folder and pull out some memories from last January. Highlights include Lou wearing shorts in the snow, dogs sleeping, an eagle visiting, some snow scenes, and my cataract surgeries, with the requisite drive-thru covid tests.

Happy New Year!

Sending you all good wishes from Northport. We had a nice time at the cabin, but decided to come home before the New Year’s crowds ascended. We would have stayed if the forecast was for a lot of snow, but that was not the case!

We did get a touch of snow last night, which put some snow on the tree branches for a short time this morning.

Our drive home was uneventful – the skies were clear all the way into Belfast, when we encountered some fog. The Princess registered her displeasure with being forced to sit in the back seat:

As we pulled into our driveway, I was pleased to see there was no 3rd story added to the SHED. It isn’t quite done, but they have made good progress.

Sending Happy New Year wishes to family and friends. We are not sad to say goodbye to 2021, but we do want to remind you all – 2022 is pronounced ”twenty twenty too.”

Stay Safe!!!