We were sitting in the sunroom yesterday afternoon, enjoying the air conditioning. A friend stopped by and dropped off a basket of blueberries! She had been out picking them earlier. Thank you, Lisa. And Lou had just said how he wanted some blueberries.

Fresh Maine blueberries (one quart)

Our news is very dull here. Lou continues to progress with his knee recovery. He has started walking around the house with no walker or cane. And he didn’t even take the walker to his PT session yesterday. He said his therapist is pleased with his range of motion.

I am still going to PT once a week for my knee. I continue to focus on exercise, and also getting a few golf games in each week. It was not as hot yesterday, which was a welcomed relief:

Stay Safe !!!

Good Visit

We had a nice visit with Kathy & Steve. Yesterday, Steve and I played golf and had a great time. Can’t believe I forgot to take a photo. There was a breeze when we started at 9am, but it was getting muggy by the time we completed 9 holes.

Kathy & Steve cooked dinner for us last night – filet, carrots, and baked potatoes. It was very good. They tried out Lou’s Ninja Grill, and he provided the requisite supervision:

Steve & Kathy – thanks for cooking!
The beginnings of a smile! Lou needs a haircut.
I need a haircut worse than Lou! My new expensive shampoo, highly recommended by my friend, Jennifer Garner, is not quite transforming my look … Also, don’t miss the spot of lunch on my shirt.

Kathy & Steve headed home this morning, and Kathy had plans for some shopping adventures along the way. We are looking at another warm day – 80 degrees in Maine is 🥵, especially when the humidity is high.

Aster & Rose Review

We did something last night we haven’t done in a long while. We went out to dinner and tried a new restaurant. Aster & Rose is the newly opened restaurant at the Youngtown Inn. The restaurant at the inn was one of our favorites, but they changed hands last year, and the new restaurant just opened.

Kathy & Steve are visiting, and Lou felt up to a night out, so we gave it a try. This was Lou’s first dining out experience in a few months – he did well, although his knee was tired after being down so long.

The verdict- Excellent! The service was great, they didn’t crowd the restaurant by filling all the tables, and they had working air conditioning (not always an option in past years). The menu is limited, but there were enough choices to please everyone.

Steve and I chose the Local Greens Salad to start. It was nice and fresh – a perfect starter to the meal to come:

Kathy chose to skip a starter, saving room for her entree. Lou decided to try the Scallop Crudo, and he raved about this dish. Said the scallops were tender and almost sweet. It certainly was pretty:

For our main course, Kathy, Steve, and I all chose the Halibut. This was an excellent choice! Not only was the fish flaky and tasty, the light lemon sauce was perfect. I almost always choose Halibut if it is available. I can’t say which is best because they are all prepared differently, but this ranks right up there with both the Coplin Dinner House and The Hichborn.

Lou went with the Bone In Pork Chop. He liked this very much, and said the Polenta was excellent. I didn’t get a great photo of the chop, but it was quite a large serving. Lou ate every bit. He did not eat his veggies 😜

You would think this would be enough for us, but we had to sample their desserts. Lou chose the brown butter almond cake with strawberries. He did not offer to share so I can’t comment. I believe he liked it, but thought the cake could have been moister (is that a word?).

Kathy picked the chocolate custard, and was kind enough to share with me. We both thought this was ”okay,” but probably not something we would order again. It was a very large serving, and was too rich for us (we also thought it was a chocolate mousse, and didn’t figure out it was custard until we asked the waitress). Some would love all the chocolate decadence, so we certainly wouldn’t discount our excellent rating for the meal.

This brings our dinner adventure to a close. It was fun to share a nice meal out with friends. We will definitely be returning to Aster & Rose. I am looking forward to trying the pasta selections.

Stay Safe !!!


These photos popped up today. We didn’t have the last boat long, but it was fun. While we miss having a boat, we realized we didn’t have enough time to do everything! These photos were taken in July 2020.

A Nice Weekend

Stil enjoying our nice visit to the cabin. We went for a short drive yesterday and stopped in the small town of Stratton. We visited the shop that supplies the meat and seafood to the Coplin Dinner House. We stocked up – lobster bisque, ahi tuna steaks, rack of lamb, wagyu hotdogs, rib eyes, colossal shrimp, and some pulled pork. Didn’t get photos because I was driving, and we put the food in the freezer when we got home. It looks yummy (except for those lamb racks…)

Lou continues to navigate around the cabin, and is doing his daily exercises. I rode my Peloton today, and then went out for a walk. Here are some photos from the walk. There are still some wildflowers in bloom, but they would greatly appreciate some rain!

Road Trip

We had a good trip to the cabin today. No screaming, no crying, so I guess the driving was okay. We had a few stops for construction, but it was a beautiful morning for a drive. We are both enjoying the change of scenery, and looking forward to a few days of chill time. Lou is doing fine with the stairs at the cabin, which is one concern put to rest.

Everything is still so very green, even the ski slopes:

All is well at the cabin. It was a nice and cool day, not as warm as we thought it might be.

A final photo for the day. Stitch is weird. He thinks he needs to protect me while I take a bath, so naturally he takes a nap in the shower!

Wishing all a wonderful weekend!