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Our Stuff Arrives from Florida

We had odds and ends from our ckeanup at the Florida house. Probably stuff we could live without, but some good stuff like Lou’s computers, plotters, and printers. We weren’t expecting it right away, but Lou received a call a few days ago that it was on the way. The truck arrived yesterday, and it was a quick unloading process:

This is the pile of stuff in the garage. Lou had already unpacked 6 boxes – and had the boxes folded and ready for the dump – by the time I took the photo. He doesn’t let any grass grow under his feet.

So what type of stuff did we bring from Florida … here’s a random selection. Good stuff here – Star Wars Christmas Ornaments, my iPad cover made by Olivia, our Quoddy Lighthouse painting, a boat, Mickey & Minnie, some extension cords, my Laser Disc Collection, and more … oh, and a CPC cement sack. Plus Lou’s diplomas.

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