Our Last Day of Bear Hunting at Silver Salmon Creek

28 August 2015, Friday

A sunrise excursion was on the agenda for our last full day at the Alaska Homestead Lodge. Encouraged by seeing bears the previous afternoon, we were all hoping for a bountiful end to our tour.

We spent some time amongst the rocks and tide pools at the beach today. Found lots of interesting creatures.

That was interesting, but now it is time for the main attraction … BEARS! We were happy to see Crimp Ear and cubs, having missed them the last few sessions.

We watched Crimp Ear fish for a while, although we didn’t see her catch anything during this session – surprising because she is an excellent fisher-bear.

Then more serious fishing:

Still coming up empty handed, the bears decided to try a new territory. There, they got lucky immediately. But wait, there is a story here.

Click HERE to find out more about the little bear and big fish.

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  1. Absolutely stunning…best Bear photos ever…makes me want to go there and see for myself. These close ups are awesome. Thank you for my Bear fix. More are needed. Nice job Sharon. AMY

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