Just Some Old Barns …

We made it to Bryce Canyon yesterday afternoon – had about a 10 hour drive.  Took some photos, but they look pretty much the same as the ones I shared for the trip up (just in reverse 😉 ).  If anything, there is a little more fall color.

I’ll post a few more photos from the Grand Teton National Park, then tomorrow we’ll move into Yellowstone for the ongoing photo tour.

Our first stop on the sunrise expedition for Sep 18th was Mormon Row.  Again, about a 30 minute drive from the Lodge, and we left at 5:45am (again!).  This is a very cool place, where some old barns and homes are still standing from the early settlement of the area by some Mormon folks.

We spent an hour taking photos of this barn … it’s a classic Grand Teton shot for photographers.  Once again, the smoke in the air foiled our efforts to become the next Ansel Adams.  But, there’s always next trip.  I still have to work on processing these photos, but here are a few with quick edits.  Also waiting to see Lou’s shots.  He liked the barns.


Then, these gals got in front of my shot, so I had to move.  (Just kidding – these nice ladies are with our group, and I had already moved to another location.  Even I can only take so many photos of a barn).  This shot was taken a little later than the first one, and you can see how it’s become even more smoky / hazy.


I got bored with the barn, and the smoke, so turned around to the other side and tried to take a sunrise photo – of the sun, which is always difficult for me – that darned bright sun keeps getting in the way.



Then we all moved down to another area, where there are some of the original homes and  another barn.


Did you notice the outhouse in the photo above?  I could have used one about the time this was taken, as we were going on hour two …  Here’s the other barn:


On the way back to the Lodge for another filling Breakfast Buffet, we saw a thundering herd of Bison out the car window.  We couldn’t stop – breakfast was calling.  But, my drive-by-shooting skills came in handy, as I was able to capture a snapshot through the window of the van (after poking Lou in the head with the lens):


Here is a photo from the top of Summit Drive, showing the Valley View.  You can see just how much smoke there was later in the day.


Lou did the smart thing, and took some photos of these pretty flowers:


I promise things will get a little more exciting as we continue the photo tour.   On another note, Mij has sent some cute videos and pics of Natasha – says she’s doing well.  I’ll load some up if I can get the internet access to work long enough to do the transfers.

And – remember that new Macbook laptop that Natasha soaked in wine (perhaps Lou trained her to do that, since he loves Apple so much?)?  I received word from American Express that they are going to credit me the cost of the repairs (almost as much as a new laptop).  So glad I remembered to check on the 90 day accident/theft protection.

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  1. I love the barn pictures!! And the sunrise photo is gorgeous! Looks like you’re having a great trip. Anxious to see more photos!

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